W.A.R.M. TOP 10 [08/06]

1/ The Magazine Cover: Sara Grace Wallerstedt by Jack Davison for DAZED Autumn 2017

2/ The Music Video: Lorde - Perfect Places

3/ The Preview: Natalie Portman by Shane Laverdière for Xavier Dolan's The Life And Death Of John F. Donovan

4/ The Fashion Film: Inside Gosha Rubchinskiy's Post-Soviet Generation [via I-D]

5/ The Editorial: Slow West with Faretta, Cara Taylor & Kris Grikaite by Alasdair McLellan for British Vogue September 2017

6/ The Movie Trailer: Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino

7/ The Exhibition: Irving Penn at Grand Palais [Sept.21-Jan.29]

Girl with Tobacco on Tongue [1951]

8/ The Song: Juliette Armanet & Julien Doré - La Carte Postale 

9/ The Supermodel: Raquel Zimmermann by Nick Knight for British Vogue September 2017

10/ The TV Show: Mindhunter by David Fincher for Netflix



The first images of the Céline Pre-Fall 2017 collection (available in stores now) I saw thanks to Charles, who knows me by heart, made me think of a slogan: Céline YOURSELF! Each and every time she's dropping a new collection Phoebe Philo is puzzling us. This Pre-Fall is definitely another "Phoebe moment", pursuing the idea she developed in her Spring-Summer 17 and giving it a new perspective, a new dimension. Here "Céline Yourself" could be translated into "let's talk about this hyper hyper femininity coming out of these insanely beautiful garments". The whole fashion world may be craving for ugly/cool, trivial/cool or normcore clothes I just can't take my eyes off Philo's intent to create/re-vamp not so classic garments, the ones you could keep on wearing till the end of times! The ones that are truly relevant, the ones that don't have a limited time period, the ones made to be worn over and over again, getting better over the years like a good old bottle of wine! I'm literally craving for that kind of clothes; clothes that you're never tired of wearing, every time you're choosing them it's like a first date, full of emotion & excitement.

This Pre-collection is all about presenting a perfect wardrobe! I am dreaming of this impossible wardrobe! Womenswear staples are undergoing the Céline process like the jumpsuit, the argyle sweater, the fur coat, the dress, the pleated skirt; they all have a new perspective,  the Céline perspective. New pieces that are even more hybrid, more unique, to sum it up more Céline! It's a new vocabulary, a new expression of femininity expressed through the red dress, the pink dress, the leather coat, the slits in the wrapped skirt. This Pre-collection is a pure display of seduction where everything is not what it seems!

All these pictures are courtesy of Céline



To be honest, we thought that being on holidays would give us the motivation to be constant & hardworking on our Blog. We definitely have things to say/write (about the latest Raf Simons collection or about the closure of Colette for instance), we have outfits of the day that could be posted yet we are feeling a huge huge need to take some time for us, with our friends & family and an even huger need to be lazy. We are not usually the kind of lazy persons but after all these intense months, we need to calm down, take some rest, visit our new city (we thought we already knew it well but our discoveries are endless!), think about what's next. So, dear readers, please excuse our idleness, our scarce posts and be sure we'll be back one day with a lot of stuff to write about and a lot to say about the crazy world of fashion.
In the meantime, enjoy this latest #ootd we shot a few days ago in the Jardin des Plantes in the 5th arrondissement. 

UNIQLO Trousers
SPITFIRE Sunglasses
SWATCH "Mona Lisa" Watch
VANS Sneakers