Dear Marc Jacobs,
 I will always remember the 1st time I saw you. You were wearing your big, big glasses just like some geek from the Big Bang Theory. I smiled at you. You did not.
We were in a sushi bar ‘à la mode’ in New York City. You were talking and I listened to you, even if I was just a waiter smelling like sashimis on a hot and long day. You told your friends you were inspired by the color of wasabi .As far as I'm concerned,  I always found wasabi amazing.
You left , I fell in love.
Then, you became a bad, bad boy with all the equipment (tattoos, tight vest and skirt...) and I still loved you. I was not a waiter anymore. I was some kind of fashion journalist always wearing wasabi green clothes.  But I was still under the impression I smelt like sashimis.
You were so famous ! So omnipotent !  The God of Fashion ! Everything you did turned into gold. Fox tails, dominatrix outfits, rabbit ears. Your tacky tastes became  standards.  People loved what you loved. From Lil’Kim to Rei Kawakubo. From Yayoi Kusama to Courtney Love. Everybody was under your spell. Me first.
I started my own fashion magazine. Wasabi. Because fashion is strong. You were on the 1st cover. A portrait by Juergen Teller and this quote written in Arial Rounded MT Bold size 14 
 « Sometimes I miss Hamburgers ».
As the editor-in-chief , I had to interview you. But a bad, bad flue (this H1N1 crap...) nipped all my dreams in the nub. My Love for you should remain silent. So was my fate.
Two months ago, I was in Paris for your exhibition at Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs. I was sure to make an amazing impression with my long, long, wasabi green polo shirt by Comme Des Garçons. I was sure you would smile at me, talk to me, fall in love with me, forgetting all your hot latino boys.  
But fate one more time... You appeared wearing the same long, long polo shirt as me. But in a Hello Kitty pink. So I stayed in the shadow, left the party, went straight to the airport. What’s the point in wearing the same outfit as God ?
Yours Faithfully (even if you don’t give a damn).

Ad campaigns by Juergen Teller. Collages by W.A.R.M.

Portrait by Terry Richardson
Portrait by Terry Richardson
Portrait by Patrick Demarchelier

 All these portraits can be found in Louis Vuitton - Marc Jacobs published by Les Arts Décoratifs [2012]
The exhibition can be seen until September the 16th.

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