We Are Ready Made and just like Florence and the Machine's song we are raising up to talk about Fashion, Music and in a larger way Culture. Our culture. And who better than Florence Welch could embody this concept of "Ready Made", this balance between fashion and music, art and lyrism, simplicity and grandeur. That's what we long to be. Artists. Unaffected. Grandiose. Iconic. Natural. Precursors. Like it or not. We do not care.

  Choosing Florence Welch as our muse for this blog is getting off to a most auspicious start, in the very Ancient Greek meaning. For her ethereal figure worthy of  a pre-raphaelite painting makes us inevitably think of a  goddess coming on earth to spread  Cosmic Love.

  Well, we have to admit that having Florence Welch for a muse is not something we did first. Last year, Frida Giannini, the Gucci designer said " Florence is a strong and somewhat mysterious muse. [...] She has a powerful personality [...] and that confident and self-assured look that goes hand in hand with the Gucci woman".
Florence Welch and the Fashion industry seems to be a long-lasting story. Thus, during the Chanel show for Spring/Summer 2012, in a Grand Palais turned into an aquatic palace she sang in a gigantic scallop shell like the Venus of Boticelli. And what to say about all her numerous magazine covers including one for British Vogue in January 2012 and another for Vogue Japan in October 2011 shot by Lagerfeld. She has emerged as a major icon combinig talent with style, far from all those mediocre celebrities magazines try to sell day after day. We won't give you any names. Come on, use your imagination.

  Of course, this peculiar  approach to fashion always going straight to the point can also be found in all her live appearances where she mixes a 1920's style with fluidity and touches of glitter (not in the way Mariah Carey conceives it) just like in Coachella this year where she wore a Hannah Marshall gown embroidered with Swarovski crystals. Dressed like a great priestess of some temples in Delphi who could foresee the future, Florence Welch gives us the impression of going to a quasi-religious, always mystical ceremony.

  Thus, a month ago,  she gave two jampacked concerts at the Casino de Paris in a scenery looking like the inside of a cathedral, to the sound of harp. Moved by her success in France, she said to the audience that the last time she came was as the support act for MGMT in front of an audience who did not come for her. That night of March, we were all here for Florence and her Machine, arms all raised up to heaven hoping to be touched by her grace, thrilling to the sound of her perfect and powerful voice. She sang all her wonderful hits from Dog days are over to Shake it Out,  from Cosmic Love to What the Water gave me, ending with No Light, No Light. And yet, it was all the opposite that we saw that evening. Light, Light, Light. Again and again.

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    I think it's "gorgeous" in every way... very spiritual as usual, well written, the critics are advised...
    It's a brilliant idea, think you to give us an interesting blog to read and follow !!!
    So...see ya in your blog