We wouldn't have missed such an opportunity for anything in the world! Being at Charlotte Gainsbourg's concert. She's such an artist. Great actress, fashion Muse and Singer since her debut in 1986 with Charlotte For Ever an album composed by her father. In a scenery made of luminous panels and neons, she enters with her musicians. All are dressed in white just like they are coming from a Clockwork Orange. All are wearing Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière. She is too. Of course. The lifelong Muse (Kristen Stewart, never forget it!). Tall and slender. Superb. Wearing clothes only her can wear and perched on vertiginous heels, she starts singing.

She is exactly the way we expected her to be. Simple. Natural. Unaffected. Shy. But strong too. You have to be strong to wear such shoes and to play in Lars Von Trier's movies. Shy but also relaxed. Perhaps, thanks to the presence of Connan Mockasin, the New Zealander from another galaxy. He plays the guitar. Sometimes, also plays the percussions. She plays several instruments too and even keeps herself behind the drums to let him sing one of his songs ( It's choade my dear). Because he is here to sing as well (his epic version of Forever Dolphin Love growing faster and faster is still engraved in our minds).



The setlist is absolutely perfect, it mixes new and lively songs (Terrible Angels or Paradisco) with her hits (Heaven can wait or The song that we sing) and more intimist ones such as the beautiful Jamais or in the End. She even performs some old songs composed by Serge (Don't forget to Forget Me & Pour ce que Tu n'étais pas) and covers the legendary Bowie's Ashes to Ashes! The hour and a half goes at top speed. She smiles and says "Merci Beaucoup" at the end of every song. Somebody shouts "Charlotte Je Vous Aime!", she laughs gently, undoubtedly overwhelmed by all this love we are giving. She is a wonderful artist but is anything but a Diva. Is it really a surprise? She is Charlotte and one thing is for sure, one week after this wonderful live, we really feel lucky to have attended the concert of such a beautiful person.


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