It's been several weeks that we wanted to write something about T.E.E.D. a.k.a Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur and today, June 21st,  is the right time. Indeed, we are sure this artist's album is and will be the perfect sound of your Summer. 
He is our new musical obsession and we will spread his name and his music everywhere we'll go! His music reminds us of the beginnings of electro clash in some ways but we don't care if he belongs to electro clash, or to a larger kind of electro music, we just love him and we won't try to classify him as others will do. Listen to him and we are sure you'll agree with us.

Of course, W.A.R.M. has to mention his eccentric look. In a recent interview with the French magazine MODZIK, he said about it that " with such a name, he could not reasonably get on the stage in a pair of jeans and a white tee". So do not trust his top of the class look because with his quirky outfits, T.E.E.D is a truly musical UFO and his fame is only beginning!

The 2 pictures taken by Thomas paquet can be found in the May-June 2012 edition of MODZIK
TROUBLE, the 1st album of T.E.E.D is out now.

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