Here is the first part of our diary of the SS13 collections of the Copenhagen Fashion Week that started yesterday. Our aim is to give you a quick but quality view of this great event! Let's go to Denmark! This way, please!


Black is everywhere at David Andersen. But a touch of navy blue gives another dimension to the show, a kind of softness. The masterpieces are the leather jacket that create warrior girls and powerful boys.


We cannot take our eyes off the knitwear at Henrik Vibskov: fabulous craftsmanship. Different textures on a skirt or on a sweater that make the look strong. Talking of colours, there is a true clash between prints and dots (the use of dots is quite new to him), and there were even holes in the clothes! Obviously the attitude is sporty (the key word for next season). We love the tye and dye on the clothes and the mix n' match works here very well. If you are quite reluctant to this mixing of prints, Henrik Vibskov is surely the remedy! At last, it is worth noting that the hats are really is signature and they give a bohemian touch. 


The idea of wearing Margrethe Skolen one day is a very exciting idea! The Day and Evening Looks are Killer Looks! We are moved by the use of colours and we're quite inspired by them (and we'll use it for W.A.R.M. very soon!).


Leather for Summer. Why not? Stunning use of both leather and neoprene on skirts (they seem so light!). It surely clashes with the white colours of the beginning of the show (a very couture part: the ribcage white top is just amazing!). The use of khaki and leather and the caps (that we love so much) is very smart (once again, here is the sporty side of next season!). It was a very feminine collection for sure!


So youthful, sporty, fresh, cool, effortlessly chic! The show was a big one but we particularly love the colourful part (we yearn for colours so much for next Summer). We keep in mind the tailored silhouettes and the use of lace (so sexy!).

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