Here is the second part of our diary of the Copenhagen Fashion Week with collections full of amazingly insane clothes!


Once again, it is a very sporty collection at Anne Sofie Madsen! (Remember? we told you that Sporty chic is the keyword for next Summer). The outfits (shirts and tops) seem to have been designed for warriors/tennis players with a great play on the materials. The show starts with light and white pieces (almost virginal) but with a twist, the white is not always so white and sometimes, the clothes seem to be composed of bones, and then, it goes darker and darker (some touches of pink come here or there but they are here to draw the silhouettes of devillish creatures) with some ripped up pieces. One thing for sure, Copenhagen is really the city of craftsmanship and Anne Sofie Madsen a really brilliant example with her very feminine and strong collection!


The Barbara I Gongini woman is a tough one! Not afraid of struggling with a dangerous environment. She is also so self assured! Her collection is a perfect mix between ready to wear pieces (amazing coats and tops) and more artistic ones. Leather is worked in a very delicate and light way, just like Rick Owens would do.


That's also why we love Scandinavian designers so much! Their minimalistic approach to fashion. Jean // Phillip collection is built around the military trend (the use of khaki, black and grey) but with a twist on the edgy and sometimes androgynous silhouettes. The tops are insane, we want them all for our birthdays (do you want the dates?)


From white (their trademark) to black (with touches of grey and light blue), the collection of Odeur is totally sporty. There is a nice play on transparency for both men and women. The clothes are edgy and very flattering. Every piece is so clean, so nice, so cool. Once again, we want all this collection!


It is so good to see colours after all these shows full of black and white (and grey...). Of course, there is also black and white (and grey...) but also green, yellow and pink. Peter Jensen is well-known for his mischievous and playful collections and this one does not depart from the rules! His schoolboys and schoolgirls are so fresh and cute! The tailoring is impeccable in a very Bristish way!


 Stine Goya proposes very feminine silhouettes with vibrant colours and prints (there are not so many prints in this Copenhagen Fashion Week so it is woth noting!) The shapes and shades are great! The Danish designer makes very actual clothes for very actual girls and women. She exactly knows what they want to wear as if she had a wonderful gift.And the accessories (bags and shoes) are just as cute as the clothes!


Our favourite collection of yesterday! The streetwear brand scintillates with great colours, great prints, great shapes, great accessories and a mix of edgy, classy and sporty we just cannot resist! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S

All these pictures come from the Copenhagen Fashion Week website.

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