What is the biggest new trend of next Summer? The answer is Sporty of course! Yes, you will have to be cool and sporty! Actually, we are not big followers of what the Fashion industry is bringing on a silver platter because the real question is not what is trendy but  what you really want to wear! And we are trying to stay true to our aesthetics and relying on our feelings to post love list or other posts on this blog.

Obviously, Sportwear strikes our attention and yes it is a trend  we have to talk about and make a focus on.
Christopher Shannon is well-known for his sportwear collections, and like most designers nowadays, he diversifies by creating a  cheaper casual but sporty collection named KIDDA, exclusively sold on ASOS.  This is the second season and we like it more than ever .This collection is composed of his signature pieces (sweats, sweat-pants and tanks) that are embellished by pixellized prints (chains, cashmere and snowflakes). 
The result is sharp and modern. Honestly, we are craving for these looks. If someone would have told us that we could be Trendy by wearing sweat-pants and tanks, we would not have believed him.

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