It's kind of weird because we expect Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm to follow Copenhagen Fashion Week. Does it sounds  right to you too ? Obviously, it's a kind of cliché to think that Scandinavian countries work as a whole entity. So, there was a hole in our agenda. We began to believe that  we had missed the Swedish Fashion Week . Actually, it is not a big deal, but something in our blogger heart told us that we had failed in our task!

Yesterday, during our daily feed from the blog-world, we learned that Cheap Monday SS13 show was today...so this also meant that we had not completely missed Stockholm collection : "yeahh " it's was a relief and our honour is safe for now ! Our attention was drawn by three exciting labels Carin Wester, Whyred and Cheap Monday


We are back in the 80's  with the show groovy soundtrack.  It reminds us of  Summer relaxed moments that are coming to a end. Carin (women line) Wester (men line) presents well-tailored shapes on a POP yellow catwalk, contrasting with the soft palette of colours (beige, mint green, grey). The oversized looks are stunning, especially the men's pardessus, the androgynous tops and the coat/dress that really stands out. We love the idea of  a man all covered up with a simple pardessus as if he were only wearing his coat like a woman, but if you are looking closely you can barely see the shorts underneath. Carin Wester has really great ideas!


"The main theme of Whyred SS13 is Calypso Punk, a dark mind & colourful appearance inspiration comes new wave ..."

The palette of colours is Absolutely Fabulous ( the mix of blue and orange and also the black and white). Actually, this  blue is one of our favourite colour because it is the kind of colour that stands out. What is striking is the brilliant idea of designing this strong brick and striped prints (you can see on a pant, a skirt or on a dress) and also the python prints (tops and pants). Prints are not easy to wear, but designers at Whyred know how to create strong and  wearable clothes at the same time. And we cannot forget to mention the jackets which are the first thing we lay our eyes on. As Miuccia Prada said: "designers often focus their attention on dresses, so as a reaction , i focus mine on coats."


The main idea behind this Cheap Monday SS13 is androgyny, and more precisely genderless with uncoventional materials. Perhaps, this collection discusses the concept of beauty in terms of "UGLY CHIC", focusing on confusing looks for instance: a military cap with a sleeveless denim dress and high white socks with glitter stilettos that Dorothy could wear in a modern version of Oz, that would take place in a desert skate park. How confusing is it right? We are a bit troubled by these looks, weirdly troubled in a good way and it means that designers at Cheap Monday reached their point because the clothes are speaking for themselves! If you take the different pieces separately,  you realise that the pieces are not so bad, obviously they are fantastic and fashion forward! For instance, you can wear the oversized washed shirt with the acid grey jeans or the pvc top with a nice shorts in this collection, right? This collection stands out because we need to be different with perhaps the unconventionnal "wild at heart and weird on top" t-shirt or with question-mark sweatshirt. We need "non-boring clothes for non-boring people".

 All the pictures come from the Mercedez-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week Website.

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