"The pleasure of all reading is doubled when one lives with another who shares the same books"

Katherine Mansfield

4 great magazines are on our coffee table this week. 4 magazines we cannot wait to have when they are out, 4 very different magazines but which have something in common and that something is FASHION! What we are all living for! Aren't We? 

Let's start with DAZED and CONFUSED and its shocking (we are not shocked but it seems shocking for some tight ass people... is it the right expression? we're not quite sure but we love it!) AZEALIA BANKS cover.
We have always loved Dazed and its both mainstream/confidential content. This issue features Cat Power, Carine Roitfeld & Kaiser Karl, the Pussy Riots and Ukrainian Feminists.

The shooting dedicated to the F/W 13 Collections is particularly interesting inasmuch as it puts the clothes in some strange situations (with a kind of Swamp Thing) or in pure and minimalist settings. We particularly love the pictures by Julia Hetta, Sean and Seng or Marlene Marino. At last, the article about Azealia reveals some crusty things (we love crusty things!) such as "I've always been very sexual. (...) I got in trouble for fooling around in school a lot. I just wanted to be touched" OMFG Azealia you are so shocking!

PURPLE FASHION MAGAZINE celebrates its 20th anniversary! First, Happy Birthday! Then what an issue! So big, so complete, so rich, so provocative! Ok, we have to admit we haven't got the time yet to read every single page of this Fashion Bible but what we can tell you is that it's a complete panorama of what will be Fashion this semester. 

Of course, Balenciaga (and its amazing and so expensive sweatshirts!), of course, Prada & Miu Miu, of course YSL (or shoul we call it Saint Laurent Paris?) but also some less famous designers such as Miguel Adrover or Zero & Maria Cornejo. For this issue, Olivier Zahm went to town on the meal with great interviews of Peter Beard, Chan *Cat Power* Marshall, Lou Doillon and one of the legendary and so mysterious (The word is not even strong enough) Rei Kawakubo, creator of Comme des Garçons! A really great issue! And of course, don't worry, you will also have your usual quota of tits, boobs, butts and pussies! What would be Purple without all of these small little (sometimes very big) things?

As always with POP Magazine, it is Love at first sight! When you take a look at the cover, you are spellbound. They are always amazing! This time, it is the gorgeous Sui He who get the starring role in a wonderful composition from the photographer/artist Viviane Sassen. And once again, this crazy Balenciaga sweatshirt! It is, for sure, our favourite cover of all these Fall magazines.

What we love in POP is this pure eclecticism where art and fashion are so entangled. The articles are so rich! When you read POP, you feel so smart! We particularly recommend you the article by Susie Lau (from Style Bubble) about Made in China Fashion (once again with Susie, it is complete, interesting and very inspired), the small portfolio about Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama and all the shootings. It is so difficult to choose one, they are all so great! 
Pop goes our hearts with POP!

10MEN is maybe our favorite magazine about Men's fashion. If you take 2 seconds to think about the place of male fashion in the huge world of magazines, it seems so poor.... Of course, there are Vogue Hommes International, GQ, l'Officiel Hommes and many others but they do not have the same ability to speak about Fashion for Men.

This time, it is a special Fall Winter Fashion Issue and everything is in the subtitle "The not so classic issue". The pictures are great, all the shootings are very different from each other. Black and White at times (photographers: Frederike Helwig or Andreas Larsson), colourful and crazy (the strange The Suburbs ot The Garden). And if you are not convinced yet to leaf through 10Men, 2 words can change your mind: Clément Chabernaud. The French supermodel is absolutely cute and sexy in his 14-page shooting. And we are completely objective, trust us!

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