Usually, we cannot say that Fendi is what we are waiting for with an unbearable eagerness. We don't like Fendi, we don't hate Fendi, that's all. We know that Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi are doing a very good and nice job but we are not huge fans of this fashion très bourgeoise and to tell you the truth, fur is not really our cup of tea. Why should it change for the next season? 
Yet, it has changed. We don't really know what has happened but the designers pushed the enveloppe a little further, mixing their usual (and good) way of making clothes with a structuralist and even constructivist approach making this collection so good and so beautiful to watch. Even the cornerstones of the brand were turned upside down like the mythical Fendi baguette that became so cosmic!  It was not planned to make a post about Fendi but after all, planned things are so boring!




(Amazing) BAGS

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