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Months of Fashion Weeks are already far away by the time we are writing this post. We have come across so many interesting looks either from menswear or womenswear. We often try to get inspirations from the runways to be à la mode, expressing our passion for Fashion in our Look of the Day posts but we feel like we don't push the enveloppe as far as we want to in our everyday looks. We don't reveal our true-selves even if in the Love List,  we give you a hint of what is our own aesthetics. What do you think? Our purpose is not to become  fashion extremistas, but only to stay true to what we are, what we love i.e. a mix of androgyny attitude that we combine with contemporary menswear pieces (and sometimes we buy pieces from womenswear because we love the idea of no borders). We feel like it's a good definition of our style and now that you are aware of it, we will try to be honestly close to it.

People get their own definition of modernity, revealing their own personality. You have yours, we have ours. According to our aesthetics, being modern is  knowing what have been done before and being aware of what is going on all around the world. It's the perfect way to udapte our wardrobe and as we said before: to be " à la mode".

So, come on, take a look on the Tokyo Fashion Week which close this blitz season. Do we need some new fresh over-styling shapes, definitely  avant-garde, to nourish our greedy appetites for non-boring attitudes? Yes, we do! We always do! Facetasm Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is the answer to what we were looking for in the far far East. Facetasm proposes a young  pop street wardrobe with  androgynous layered looks. We want to learn the art of the japanese way of layering textures, colours and fabrics like they do, even if it's over over styling, it is  actually a fashion show. These women and men are so sexy! The question of beauty is always subjective, wondering  what is ugly for you or not. Ok you are not ready for the leggings for men, neither are we. You are not ready for these shoes outside of a golf ground, we are. Perhaps Facetasm gives you an idea of the way we want to be dressed. Here are the looks we like the most:

Susy Menkes of The Herald Tribune said recently in an interview, what shall not ever be ready-to-wear for men, is all that screams statement attitudes like skirt for men. Ok right, maybe men are not ready to wear skirt or skort (mix of a short and a skirt), but men can be a little adventurous, right? Do we really want to be wearing a tailored jacket, a white shirt and pants for the rest of our lives? Do we really want to be boring ? If we don't, are we really reaching the point of fashion integrista ? The real question is what do you really want to be? Do you always want to make it right? Do you want a revelation, an epiphany ? Men can dress like Women and Women can dress like Men  for ages! That's why it always looks Modern!

Thanks to Japanese Streets Website, one of the blogs that we religiously follow, we found these sexy looks. 

  Hat Uncommon Creature
Jacket & Short Avontrance
Shirt Juun J
Boots Julius

 Coat Egg
Shoes Dr Martens

 Dress Comme Des Garçons

T-shirt Givenchy
Pants Comme des Garçons

 T-shirt Hayness
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Shoes Vibrum



The launch of Maison Martin Margiela X H&M was very late yesterday evening so we didn't get the chance to watch it livestream even if we wanted too (sometimes exhaustion is stronger than our desire for fashion... not often but sometimes). So this morning,you can imagine our eagerness, our excitement when we woke up. Just like kids running down the stairs on a Xmas morning to discover what Santa put under the tree. The least we can say is that the presents don't disappoint us.

The Fashion show was like a Margiela one, taking place in an abandoned building on Bleecker Street, NYC (even if the purpose of this event was in a way unconventional and "arty", all the elements of a traditional fashion show  were there starting with la crème de la crème of the guests like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kanye West, Julianne Moore, Leigh Lezark, Mena Suvari, Joan Smalls and many others ). Daniel Ashram who designed the place said that his  purpose was to "do things that you are not supposed to do in architecture". His aesthetics truly hints to MMM codes of deconstruction (the broken down place) and a clean & white palette of colours ( the codes of Minimalism). Obviously, the collection was not  presented by models walking on a catwalk, but it was Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s dance company Rosas whose dancers worn the clothes, dancing on a white sandy stage. It was one of those unconventional big fashion moment for sure, perhaps remindind us  of Alexander McQueen Women's Spring/Summer DELIVRANCE 2004.

The collection was also linked with the building itself, its nine floors revealing  several installations and artworks from artists such as Noémie Goudal and Frederick Chauveaux

MMM knows for sure how to create an event inasmuch as avant garde and they are not afraid of crossing boundaries (genders, body, unconventional chic, proportions) and of promoting avant-garde and it's a lesson we have to learn and put into practice day after day.

All these pictures were taken from MMM X H&M Twitter account.


This week we are obsessed by this funny Candy Clutch which is part of the MMM X H&M Collection. Actually this collaboration is full of surprises and we can't wait to be on November the 15th.



Looking for Love is the new video of CHROMATICS, directed and edited by Alberto Rossini exclusively for the label Italians Do It Better. It was shot during the SS13 CHANEL Show at Le Grand Palais. A longer version of 17 minutes will be revealed soon! 
Chromatics will be at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris in November.



Saying that fashion is going global is becoming a vérité générale. It is a fact and nobody can doubt about it. E-ve-ry-thi-ng is global now and it is just the world that we are living in. One cannot ignore that nowadays the mainstream collaborates with luxury houses to make big, big money. One cannot deny that nowadays big luxury houses need mainstream  to occupy an always larger part of the market, to touch a larger and larger audience. We surely won't say that these houses compromise themselves by creating cheaper collections for le commun des mortels. Oh no, we won't... A few years ago, people would have said that it was a shame to design for all, but Karl Lagerfeld has proved that a stylist can design not only for a house , but for different brands and we think he invented the modern character of the stylist and perhaps that was the premises of this modern era . These designers that were ashamed at first of contributing with the mainstream market, can now justify themselves by saying they work for the common good. In a way, they have a mission of general interest. (We are sure that it helps us to sleep tight and feel self-confident)

The H&M collaborations for years now have translated these ideas of trangression, of contradiction between luxury avant garde / non-conformism with mainstream global markets. MAISON MARTIN MARGIELAH&M illustrates this AUDACITY OF HUGE! Looking at this collection makes us think about Jean Cocteau saying " Le tout dans l'audace, c'est de savoir jusqu'où on peut aller trop loin." (Audacity is just a question of how far you can go) When the Swedish mass market brand announced this association we felt like at first :"What the What! MMM is collaborating with H&M! Nonsense!" Then, reconsidering it, we thought : "It's surely gonna be huge and another collaboration to remember!" People around us were so excited about this, it automatically put an end to the debate.

What is really thrilling, enthusiastic and even orgasmic with this collection is that the shadow designers at Maison Martin Margiela have updated pieces from the house archives. Isn't it a wonderful idea? All the MMM key pieces are here: the pillow coat, the origami dress, the guitar bag...etc. Looking at the first looks published by VOGUE we feel like that everybody is gonna be satisfied: the fans of collaborations between cheap and chic, the bobor ( the bourgeoise-boring) and the regular H&M basic customer without any options, and all the others in between. Hope you guys out there will get a chance to grab one of the fabulous pieces that could easily match with your wardrobe. We can take our eyes off the oversized coats and jackets and the painted boots. Wonder if we will have the strength to face the frenzy crowd on November 15th? Yes we will! Such an occasion cannot be missed and, MMM (and to a larger scale, Fashion) is worth the struggle! 

Here are some hints of what this collection will look like....

Yet, one question remains unanswered. Who is next? Will H&M continue this kind of surprising and unexpected collaborations or will it take a completely different orientation? We are shaking with eagerness, expectation and doubt.... Prada? Ok, completely wishful-thinking.... Balenciaga? In what world do we live? Dries Van Noten? It could be so great. Dsquared2? Please no. Please. So we just have to be patient but as you know, patience and fashion are not working well together.

The presentation + fashion show will take place in New York in 2 days. Stay tuned for a complete review of the event on W.A.R.M.

All these pictures can be found on British Vogue website.