Carine Roitfeld is back and godammit it's so good! After almost two years of editorial "silence", she returns with HER magazine CR Fashion Book. A magazine where she could say, write, show what she wants without any yoke. Carine is FREE! And if the subtitle of this Issue 1 is REBIRTH it's not a coincidence. Of course, her daughter Julia was expecting her first child during the creation of the magazine, starting a new page in the Roitfeld Dynasty but it is also the rebirth of one of the most influent and talented journalists & editors-in-chief of our time. Since her departure from Vogue Paris, we have never found again her so delightful way of dealing with and representing Fashion. Vogue Paris can now be called Kate Moss Magazine and it is so boring. Such a shame for such an institution. But we are not here to speak about Vogue Paris, if it had been the case, two lines would have been enough... 

Carine Roitfeld is back, free and just the way we left her, IRREVERENT. Everything is combined to make CR a new Fashion Bible! Great photographers (Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Karl lagerfeld or Tom Ford) amazing pictures, gorgeous clothes (of, course!) and the crème de la crème of the new models (Magda Laguinge, Cara Delevingne, Anmari Botha, Stef Van Der Laan or Marte Mei Van Haaster and Marie Piovesan). What a cast! 

The quality paper is perfect, it is such a pleasure to turn the pages, to wait eagerly for what is next. We particularly love the shootings called COSMOTROPOLIS [New faces, New Looks, New Tendencies]  and ELECTRAPOLITAN [New Icons, New Shapes, New Directives] by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. There is no setting, only the models in line but it is so powerful, so elegant, so relevant. Nothing to add. Just these beautiful (Simone Nobili ooh la la) and sometimes weird faces, and prodigious clothes (the Comme des Garçons clothes are insane in every meaning, we already know it but it's quite a shock when pictured). 

What else can we add? Of course, we could mention the incredible shooting with Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour and Carolyn Murphy entitled When Women Were French or the amazing way to present accessories or black clothes but we want to keep some surprises. Such a treasure deserves to remain a bit mysterious, to be discovered little by little. We hope we have made you want to have this new Institution (there are still some HERE at Colette). As far as we're concerned, we CANNOT wait for the new issue, in six months... So long to have a new deep, fresh and non-sterile breath of pure Fashion and Beauty. Long Live Carine Roitfeld & CR fashion Book!

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