Saying that fashion is going global is becoming a vérité générale. It is a fact and nobody can doubt about it. E-ve-ry-thi-ng is global now and it is just the world that we are living in. One cannot ignore that nowadays the mainstream collaborates with luxury houses to make big, big money. One cannot deny that nowadays big luxury houses need mainstream  to occupy an always larger part of the market, to touch a larger and larger audience. We surely won't say that these houses compromise themselves by creating cheaper collections for le commun des mortels. Oh no, we won't... A few years ago, people would have said that it was a shame to design for all, but Karl Lagerfeld has proved that a stylist can design not only for a house , but for different brands and we think he invented the modern character of the stylist and perhaps that was the premises of this modern era . These designers that were ashamed at first of contributing with the mainstream market, can now justify themselves by saying they work for the common good. In a way, they have a mission of general interest. (We are sure that it helps us to sleep tight and feel self-confident)

The H&M collaborations for years now have translated these ideas of trangression, of contradiction between luxury avant garde / non-conformism with mainstream global markets. MAISON MARTIN MARGIELAH&M illustrates this AUDACITY OF HUGE! Looking at this collection makes us think about Jean Cocteau saying " Le tout dans l'audace, c'est de savoir jusqu'où on peut aller trop loin." (Audacity is just a question of how far you can go) When the Swedish mass market brand announced this association we felt like at first :"What the What! MMM is collaborating with H&M! Nonsense!" Then, reconsidering it, we thought : "It's surely gonna be huge and another collaboration to remember!" People around us were so excited about this, it automatically put an end to the debate.

What is really thrilling, enthusiastic and even orgasmic with this collection is that the shadow designers at Maison Martin Margiela have updated pieces from the house archives. Isn't it a wonderful idea? All the MMM key pieces are here: the pillow coat, the origami dress, the guitar bag...etc. Looking at the first looks published by VOGUE we feel like that everybody is gonna be satisfied: the fans of collaborations between cheap and chic, the bobor ( the bourgeoise-boring) and the regular H&M basic customer without any options, and all the others in between. Hope you guys out there will get a chance to grab one of the fabulous pieces that could easily match with your wardrobe. We can take our eyes off the oversized coats and jackets and the painted boots. Wonder if we will have the strength to face the frenzy crowd on November 15th? Yes we will! Such an occasion cannot be missed and, MMM (and to a larger scale, Fashion) is worth the struggle! 

Here are some hints of what this collection will look like....

Yet, one question remains unanswered. Who is next? Will H&M continue this kind of surprising and unexpected collaborations or will it take a completely different orientation? We are shaking with eagerness, expectation and doubt.... Prada? Ok, completely wishful-thinking.... Balenciaga? In what world do we live? Dries Van Noten? It could be so great. Dsquared2? Please no. Please. So we just have to be patient but as you know, patience and fashion are not working well together.

The presentation + fashion show will take place in New York in 2 days. Stay tuned for a complete review of the event on W.A.R.M.

All these pictures can be found on British Vogue website.

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