The launch of Maison Martin Margiela X H&M was very late yesterday evening so we didn't get the chance to watch it livestream even if we wanted too (sometimes exhaustion is stronger than our desire for fashion... not often but sometimes). So this morning,you can imagine our eagerness, our excitement when we woke up. Just like kids running down the stairs on a Xmas morning to discover what Santa put under the tree. The least we can say is that the presents don't disappoint us.

The Fashion show was like a Margiela one, taking place in an abandoned building on Bleecker Street, NYC (even if the purpose of this event was in a way unconventional and "arty", all the elements of a traditional fashion show  were there starting with la crème de la crème of the guests like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kanye West, Julianne Moore, Leigh Lezark, Mena Suvari, Joan Smalls and many others ). Daniel Ashram who designed the place said that his  purpose was to "do things that you are not supposed to do in architecture". His aesthetics truly hints to MMM codes of deconstruction (the broken down place) and a clean & white palette of colours ( the codes of Minimalism). Obviously, the collection was not  presented by models walking on a catwalk, but it was Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s dance company Rosas whose dancers worn the clothes, dancing on a white sandy stage. It was one of those unconventional big fashion moment for sure, perhaps remindind us  of Alexander McQueen Women's Spring/Summer DELIVRANCE 2004.

The collection was also linked with the building itself, its nine floors revealing  several installations and artworks from artists such as Noémie Goudal and Frederick Chauveaux

MMM knows for sure how to create an event inasmuch as avant garde and they are not afraid of crossing boundaries (genders, body, unconventional chic, proportions) and of promoting avant-garde and it's a lesson we have to learn and put into practice day after day.

All these pictures were taken from MMM X H&M Twitter account.

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