It is a strange thing to say that collaborations between a house of couture and a designer work just like a love affair. So it obviously appears as a tragedy when this lovely couple has to divorce, to put an end to a fantastic journey of fifteen years. And it is highly a difficult news to announce it because that will inevitably tear apart an entire family . That's what happened to the PPR Group that owns Balenciaga since 2000 with Nicolas Ghesquière. If we carry on this could be a metaphor, we are, as a matter of fact, the worshippers, the fans (our interest for Balenciaga is not new, you can read here the first article we made about it) and also the sad children that will suffer from this separation. It may sound ludicrous if we take time to think about it but, all the same, it is shockingly tragic. One cannot deny that he, Nicolas the Great, has saved Balenciaga by creating season after season shapes, forms, attitudes and also a mood that people cannot forget: Modernism in a word. Thanks to him, and just like a phoenix, the house rose from its ashes.

This short article is meant to pay a tribute to the one and only Nicolas Guesquiere: a visioner just like William Blake! Who has known that women and  men can be utterly sexy in oversized neoprene sweater without being stigmatized as Star Wars geeks? Who has predicted that wearing a jumper with a German shepherd would become a basic? Who has known that formica for shoes could be cool?

So what's next? After the shock, the tsunami, there will come the time for reconstruction. In the last hours, all around the web, we can already hear some rumours (maybe more than rumours) saying that Mr Ghesquière will wake up another Belle Endormie in the Fashion world, Schiaparelli, another house with a heavy heritage and so many codes. We cannot wait for what is next. We love when the Future is unwritten.

To close down such a wonderful and flamboyant era, here are some eternal looks created by Nicolas Ghesquière. If we close our eyes, here is what we can see.

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