A party was given in a castle in Scotland near Edimburgh at twilight. Karl the King of Scots gathered his guests in Linlithgow, castle of the late Queen Mary of Scotland, for the Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 Collection. Last time, the party was told to come in Versailles for the Chanel Cruise 2013 Collection! There is no limit to what the king demands, but for his realm, the House of Chanel and his subjects, and also for the show, all these elements always come first! But as Karl is not an absolute king, he wants his subjects to have fun and to be amazed by the Pre-fall surroundings, a historical castle where Queen Mary was born.

Queen Mary (1542-1587)

Linlithgow Castle

Actually, it seems trivial for Chanel to collaborate with scottish craftmanshift because that's what they always do, putting forward one of their numerous métiers d'art. Knitting is definetly at the core of Chanel DNA, mixing traditional savoir-faire with avant-garde graphic vision of King Karl. If you take for instance, the place of the show and the collection, one can surely said there is an Elisabethan inspiration in this collection. You get the sense that the collection is deeply an ode to garments that are made in a certain tradition. Obviously, the use of wealthy rare fabrics and the fabulous jewels emphazise King Karl inspiration. But, you have the babydoll look (a tartan short chanel jacket with oversized sleeves and the big white lavalliere pined with a brooch, the tartan skater skirt and the burlington long socks), you can imagine a wealthy cliente wearing the jacket or maybe the skirt together. We love also the grande bourgeoise looks (a feather hat, a heavy wool tartan coat, a lace top with a belt cardigan and a heavy long textured skirt) which is not easy to wear. It seems so comfortable and modern that you don't remenber what you think when you see this outfit for the first time. This collection is screaming Vintage as if King Karl has purposely over-stylized because of the associations: a cardigan with a long wool print skirt! One can say that one  Grandma uses to look like that! Funny how weird it is! This idea of Grandma is pushed away with the looks that come after. One can't forget the arrival of the Queen, whose toilettes King Karl re-invents in several ceremonial apparels, in white of course!

At first we were, as always, not partically interested in this pre-fall circus collection, but King Karl has succeeded in convincing us with this spectacular Scottish presentation. Maybe during our next trip to UK, we will risk us to Scotland.

All the runway pictures come from Style.com.

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