On this gloomy Friday of December, we think it's time for you, fellow readers, to be introduced to our inspirational friends.

Which adjective describes you the most?
She: Limitless.
Him: Painstaking. I am always trying to analyze and understand what surrounds me.

What is your main defect?
She: To have all the qualities. My ego I'd say.
Him: I am terribly impulsive. And sometimes, people find me pedantic but this particular one is not a problem for me.

What do you like most in a man?
She: I'm particularly sensitive to a good sense of humour. 
Him: Creativity.

And in a woman?
She: Femininity. There are so many subtle ways of expressing it. 
Him: I am as fascinated by the scandalous impetuousness of a woman as by her natural gentleness. Humour is also very important to me for both men and women

Who is your favorite historical character?
She: Marie Antoinette of course! Such an emblematic character. 
Him: Victor Hugo whose poetry and political views are essential for me.

Who are your heroes in real life?
She: My boyfriend for putting up with me. To a larger extent, Cara Delevingne. She is so glamourous, fun and sexy. I love her for not being a cliché of model. 
Him: Superman! Who could be a more perfect embodiment of the perfect being? And his blue and red tights are just gorgeous. More seriously, my heroes are all these anonymous persons who spend their lives trying to do good.

If you weren't yourself, who would you like to be?
She: Audrey Hepburn. A simple and genuine woman in spite of her fame. 
Him: Jay Z because he is married to Beyoncé and offers Louboutins to his baby daughter.

What is your definition of Bliss?
She: A hot spot where you can be barely dressed, with my closest people and exotic fruit.
Him: A world where someone would have found a commonly accepted definition of bliss. Or a world where we could all wear clothes designed by Karl and where shoes would be free.

As far as you are concerned, what is your definition of wretchedness?

She: Not being allowed to choose.
Him: Not being interested by the world and people surrounding us.

Which gift would you like to have?
She: Apparating. We are losing so much time walking or using public transport.
Him: Telepathy. Or knowing how to draw.

With which mistake are you most lenient?
She: Spelling ones. I am not used to bear grudges even if I have a sensitive ego.
Him: I am lenient with the people who can admit their mistakes.


Who is your favorite painter?
She: Johannes Vermeer. I find his work fascinating.
Him: I have recently fallen in love with Daniel Authouart's work.

Who is your favorite musician?
She: Serge Gainsbourg. I am also fond of his daughter.
Him: I don't have a favorite musician. I listen to too many styles of music.

Who is your favorite author?
She: It is a very classical choice but I'd say Zola. He had a very accurate view of his society and it's always so actual.
Him: Terry Goodkind, a fantasy author.

What is your favorite colour?
She: It changes every season but right now, I'd say purple.
Him: I love every colour as long as it is trendy.

What do you hate the most?
She: Cheap things. It reminds me of my life as a student.
Him: I hate injustice, intolerance and many other words beginning with -in. And I also hate that dreadful Kloé Kardashian.

Do you have a motto?
She: Inch'Allah
Him: Nothing is fundamentally good or bad.

She is wearing his The Kooples leather jacket, a vintage shirt and clutch, an American Apparel top and New Look galaxy leggings, cross necklace and shoes.

He is wearing her vintage jumper, a vintage check shirt, Topman carrot pants, an Ipod watch and Fred Perry x Drakes brogues.

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