"Boys and Girls" by Blur would have been the perfect soundtrack for J W Anderson's Mathematics Of Love : Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls , who do boys like they're girls, who do girls like they're boys...Over the years Androgyny or gender is at the heart of JW's collections, perhaps his main obsession. But there is no question of gender only  the embodiment of it. Boys can be Girls and Girls can be Boys, what ever. Some PRE FALL 2012 pieces from womenswear lines are to found also in the FALL 2012 menswear lines, there is no border between these two wardrobes ( for instance the braided cable sweater and the check rib neck jumper).

There is no intention of creating shocking looks only building his own aesthetics collections after collections. We recognize there is perhaps a statement behind each collection but only JW's honest vision and language, certainly a very particular one. True artists always translate their obsessions into their work. Virginia Woolf, an artist, essayist,  writer and a woman we cherish, explored the question of gender in Orlando, born as a man in the Middle Ages and becoming a woman in the nineteenth century, a book we recommend you of course!

Mathematics Of Love presents a very contemporary wardrobe articulating around Must Haves made of luxury fabrics (leather, wool, neoprene) : bustiers, ruffles shorts, long boyfriend coats, long shirts, neo pants/skirts, the high waisted shorts and the sleeveless cut tops. Definitely boys who  wear pieces from girls wardrobes for the next season. Boys that are not afraid to be girls like in the Blur song. JW is made for boys and girls who have no inhibitions right? Boys will be boys and girls will be girls no matter what you are wearing.

All these pictures come from the British Vogue website.

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