Yesterday, as we woke up, we were under the impression that this would be another grey/cold/wet/boring day of Winter. and perhaps, we would be more productive in our beds doing nothing but reading and cuddling our cat. But this impression quickly disappeared as we looked at our Facebook Timeline where Weekday announced something happening... What was this surprise? 

A little enquiry later, we found out that it was about to launch an online shop. Oh, sorry, maybe you are not really acquainted with Weekday? It is a retail store concept selling many addictive and fashion-forward brands such as Cheap Monday, MTWTFSS Weekday (their own brand), BACK (Ann Sofie Back's line), Christophe Lemaire, Örjan Andersson, Rodebjer, Cedric Jacquemyn and many more. That sounds great and exciting, doesn't it? But the only problem was that they did not sell in or to France because they were only present in the Scandinavian countries and in Germany. Until yesterday! You can easily imagine that we were not the only persons in the world waiting for this news. People all over the world wanted Weekday! Needed Weekday! Craved for Weekday! Oh yesterday! Blessed day thanks to Fashion global that made our dream came true and brought us this awesome brand on a silver platter. So yesterday, it happened this way Excitement --> Joy --> Craziness --> Orgasm.

Wait! We are not superficial at all. We are just so happy to see that Scandinavia is knocking at our door. Because there is nothing better than Scandinavian fashion when you want sharp, well-cut and high street fashion pieces. And Weekday is not an exception these days with Cheap Monday settling (at last!) in Paris at the end of 2013, the growth of COS and the appearance of the luxury branch of H&M called & other stories. What is good is that there are plenty of room for all these new and inventive brands! the market is far from being saturated and at last, there are several alternatives to Zara or H&M and what is coming is damn exciting!

To give you an idea of what Weekday has to offer, here is a preview. The online shop in its entirety will be available in a few days.

**MTWTFSS Weekday 

**MTWTFSS Weekday Collection 

** Cheap Monday 

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