The Stars (Are Out Tonight) is the second single of Bowie's next album The Next Day. The star Bowie and Swinton in the video directed by floria Sigismondi, they live in a lynchian ordinary mansion. But they are under their doppelganger watch, waiting to play their part, perhaps the lead role.You can recognise the bunch of models who plays the other versions of Bowie and Swinton : Iselin Steiro ( the White Thin Duke), Saskia de Brauw ( a young Bowie) and Andrej Pejic (his wife). Funny enough after all these years what comes first is the way  Bowie is going to appear to the audience. Bowie always plays with his alter ego and the video seems more important than the song. It is actually a modern obsession, to be famous at all cost and to stay a star like the song suggests "stars never sleeping, dead ones and the living...." 

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