This week, W.A.R.M. is getting less "selfish" and proposes you a WANTS especially for you Girls! And it could not be a better and fresher WANTS since the brand new TOPSHOP UNIQUE collection is out today and the least we can say is that it is a gorgeous collection where everything is sheer, minimalist, graphic, pure with soft lines and soft colours. We already talked about this collection here last September and as we said at that time, the woman who buys Unique wants to feel Unique, wants to have über fashionable clothes but with a twist she is sure she won't find everywhere. So if you recognize yourself in this description of the Unique Woman/Girl, this collection will be  perfect for you. Of course, it is pretty expensive but the materials are noble (silk, velvet, leather, organza or glass fabric) and it is made in England! Rare enough to be mentioned.
Here are our favourite pieces but it was a hard choice and almost everything is perfect so do no waste more time and have a deep and long look!

Silk Organza Dress

Double Layer Biker Jacket

Silk Dome Sleeve Check Top

Silk Wrap Skirt

Leather Clutch Bag

Silk Devoree Shirt

Glass Fabric Skirt

Quilted Silk Check Coat

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