Next month, in May, WE ARE READY MADE will celebrate its 1st Anniversary. For this very specific occasion and because we want to get to know our readers, followers, encouragers, we want to propose something special to you.
In May, among many other surprises we cannot tell yet, we want to feature your looks, your words, your personalities because after all, it is the same passion that links us no matter where you live, who you are or how old you are. So if you are interested by this initiative and if you want to share your looks and thoughts, email us at wearereadymade@hotmail.fr one or several pictures of yourself (in an outside setting) with your name, country, age (or not, you choose!), name of your blog/website if have one and the description of what you are wearing and, please answer these few questions:

- What is your definition of Fashion?
- What is your definition of Style?
- What inspires you?
- Who are your favourite designers/brands? Why?
- Which piece of clothes would you not lend to anybody even to your best friend?

Of course, we are not here to judge or criticize you so, really, from the bottom of our hearts, feel free to contact us and share with us! It is so important to us!

Yann & Charles a.k.a. W.A.R.M.

Le mois prochain, en Mai, WE ARE READY MADE va fêter son 1er Anniversaire. Pour cette occasion très particulière et parce que nous voulons apprendre à connaître nos lecteurs, nos encourageurs, nos followers, nous voulons vous proposer quelque chose d'un peu spécial.
En Mai, et parmi d'autres surprises que nous ne pouvons pas encore évoquer, nous voulons publier vos looks, vos mots, vos personnalités car après tout, c'est une seule et même passion qui nous lie peu importe où vous vivez, qui vous êtes et quel âge vous avez. Donc, si vous êtes intéressés par cette initiative et si vous voulez partager vous looks et vos pensées, envoyez nous un email à wearereadymade@hotmail.fr avec une ou plusieurs photos de vous (prise(s) à l'extérieur et votre prénom, votre pays, votre âge (ou non, c'est vous qui décidez), le nom de votre blog/website si vous en avez un, le descriptif de ce que vous portez et s'il vous plait, répondez à ces quelques questions:

- Quelle est votre définition de la Mode?
- Quelle est votre définition du style?
- Qu'est ce qui vous inspire?
- Qui sont vos créateurs ou marques préférés? Pourquoi?
- Quel vêtement ne prêteriez vous pas même à votre meilleur ami(e)?

Bien sûr, notre but n'est pas de vous juger ou de vous critiquer donc, vraiment, du plus profond de nos coeurs, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter et à partager avec nous! Ça signifie beaucoup pour nous!

Yann & Charles a.k.a. W.A.R.M.

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This tale is based upon our visit to the Arrrgh: Monstres de Mode exhibition taking place in Paris at La Gaîté Lyrique until April 7th. This exhibition questions our approach to what is beautiful/ugly, wearable/conceptual, attractive/repulsive in Fashion through the work of some of the most interesting designers of our times. Thanks to their works of art, we can reflect upon the representation of the human body in our society and the dichotomy between what I am wearing and what I would wear if I freely and completely expressed myself.

It all began with an invitation or with a hole. A giant hole in a wall. I can't remember. It came from The Mistress of the Place. Lady Chainsaw. "But you can call me Andrea" she told me. "Welcome and Have fun!" she added. I would sure have. Or maybe I was afraid. I can't remember too. Perhaps the giant hole is in my head not in the wall...

ANDREA CREWS - Autoportrait à la Tronçonneuse - 2013

Lights came and went. And everybody was already here. I was the last one. All the guests were so different. They were all unknown to me. Or maybe  I only knew these yellow and green strange characters (even though they were the least strange here), they seemed to come from my favourite videogame as a child. The one where you had to catch and eat little ghosts. Everything is so blurred!

"Come come! Hurry up! It will begin!" Andrea yelled at me. "Be careful! Do not walk on my clothes! They are all so dear to me! Especially this yellow one, it reminds me of my 15th murdered husband!". What I can remember is that at that moment I wanted to go back home but could not. All these persons (I don't even know if they were human) were so magnetic.

CRAIG GREEN - Arrrgh - 2013

Did I mention there were also treemen? Or so they seemed. I heard they starred in a ballet at the opera. Nice persons but a little prickly. As I came down the stairs, the music grew louder. Nobody was talking because most of the guests did not have a mouth. Not very useful. Near a door, a man dressed as a cosmic soldier from a galaxy near Russia invited me to open it and enter. I obeyed. Why? I can't remember. Certainly my rigid education. My parents taught me to always obey whatever the rules... All over the walls in this large room, there were strange men. They looked like zombies but did not smell like them. Zombies stink you know. I was under the impression that I was in some kind of Lady Gaga's video but without the Ra ra ra ra ras or the Ma ma ma ma mas or also the Gaga ooh la las.


CRAIG GREEN - BA Collection - 2010

BART HESS - Caged -

Extremely ill at ease, I decided to come out but maybe I should have stayed in because a weird/hairy/ugly/donatellaversacesque woman caught me by the arm and in a desperate attempt to kiss me, she said with her multiple mouths wasted by herpes "it's my party, kiss me! I want love! I am so beautiful! You must kiss me. YOU MUST KISS ME! Choose which lips you wanna kiss and they're all yours!". The silent room became even more silent! I wanted to scream but screaming meant opening my mouth and I couldn't. "Kiss me! Kiss Me!" I guess her favourite song is Love is in the hair.


At that moment, when hope completely disappeared, when my only thought was "this is my last minute on this earth", when the only thing I could see were this numerous disgusting lips, an army of gentlemen (I cannot call them in another way because they saved me!) grabbed her and took her away. She screamed so loudly lights turned off. Dark. Complete dark. I felt pacified again. Dark wrapped me up in a comfortable torpor. Screams stopped. Lights on. 

"- Thank you. Thank you so much! I would be dead by now if you did not save me!. 
- Don't be silly! Her kisses don't bring death. Only STD." The man who talked to me was tall, mysterious and his head was locked in a big, round, red cage. "You look so natural! How does it feel?
- What? I don't get it. Natural?
- Yes. You look so simple. Not yet perverted by this environment. Soon you'll be just like us. You will have to if you don't want to be assaulted again by LipsOnFire. Unless you are masochistic. Look at us! We were just like you the first time we came here. Carefree, beautiful young men with no ideas of what we will find here. we were just glad to be invited to a party.
- Are you telling me, this is a trap? I am just a prey for MouthOnFire?
- LipsOnFire...
- Yeah, OK, LipsOnFire. I have to leave. Oh my God! Help me please!
- We can't. You can't leave. You are here, you will stay here.
- I have to meet Lady Chainsaw. Andrea! Andrea!
- SILENCE! Are you stupid? This is a trap! Lady Chainsaw invited you on purpose. To be LipsOnFire's next dinner. Everything is written. So accept your fate and let's move on! How do you want to dress?
- I don't want to leave my clothes!
- Oh well! Fine! I am not sure this denim jacket will protect you against her kisses but fine!
- Is this why you are all in strange outfits?
- Bingo! You are so clever! It is obvious, isn't it? So? Do you want a cage like me? Or maybe big smily masks? You can look like a giant Lego! Or a kind of weird and not appetizing at all steak. You can be all white like the walls! Wear a green monster on your clothes! She is so afraid by the colour green! 
- Something darker. I am not much into green you know." At that moment, and without knowing why, I totally accepted my fate. Despair undoubtedly. Or this supreme feeling of belonging to a group. Something I hadn't experienced before. I had always been so lonely!
"- We have this gorgeous outfit. Perfect for you! What do you think?"

HENRIK VIBSKOV - The Solar Donkey Experiment - SS 2010

CRAIG GREEN - BA Collection - 2010

CASSETTE PLAYA - Collection L.S.I - SS2007
Collection Skin King - AW 08-09

CRAIG GREEN -  MA Collection - 2012 (from the ATOPOS Collection)


MANON KÜNDIG - Collection Blowjob - 2011

The Solar Donkey Experiment - SS2010

PICTOPLASMA - Pictoorphanage
Les petits Bonhommes


WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK - Collection Stop Terrorising our World - AW 06/07

CRAIG GREEN - BA Collection - 2010

"- How is it scary? And this balaclava won't protect me from her. 
- It will. Trust me. It's the outfit the man who broke her heart was wearing the night he told her it was over. It devastated her so much, she went crazy and began this immoderate passion for plastic surgery and tacky lipstick.
- This lover seemed to be very dark. I love this outfit!
- It is Rick Owens! Of course you can love it. Noble materials. Comfortable and soft. The most perfect thing on earth. If I were not wearing this cage around my head, that would be my costume!
- Why did not you choose it then?
- Because I had found it on E-Bay three days ago! That's why! And once you've chosen your costume, you cannot change. Another rule of that stupid world!"


All these pictures were taken on March 22nd during our visit to this exhibition

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