The times, they are a changin Dylan said in the 60's. In 2013, Bowie named his latest album the Next Day, talking about darkest hours, lost love and wondering on his first single Where Are We Now? We are, perhaps, at a turning point and something big is gonna happen. Not sure if it's the World's End like Britney suggested it last year or like some crazy people saying the world was about to end on the 12/12/12...

Next generation designers are deeply involved in the world, influenced by their cultures and by what's going on, having  a fever to tell the world's end. But let's imagine if someday, the world really ends, if the world  as we know it disappears for good (be reassured, if Chaos happens, we will first think about survival), if everything we have is burnt, drowned or eaten by zombies, we will have to find new ways to dress (we are not really into being naked all day long... pretty boring don't you think?) and maybe we will have to put into practice DIY, taking everyday life materials and transforming them into clothes. 

Do It Yourself is at the core of Claire Barrow's aesthetics. This young British designer studied at the University of Westminster and the Cleveland college of Art in Middlesbrough and was part of Fashion East installations promoting young designers. The major part of her SS13 collection is hand-painted: the 'Absinthe' Hand-Painted Short Raincoat and the Hand-Painted Marcel and Rrose Leather Biker Jacket (homage to Marcel Duchamp) are the key pieces. Another technique of hers is to print on silk, jersey or linen for unisex (most pieces are unisex) tee-shirts, skirts and dresses. She even made a biker jacket made of paper and ink (more a piece of art than a piece of clothes inasmuch as it is recommended not to be worn and washed of course!). This collection highlights the rebel without a cause type who owns a monochromatic wardrobe and who wears clothes with no gender (boys dress like girls and vice versa), with prints and illustrations reflecting a kind of harsh and chaotic world. This technique of printing is maybe a way to disappear in the crowd. 

If you could take a look at Claire Barrow's website and purchase one of her tee-shirts, do it! They are still pretty affordable and we are sure that within two years, the prices won't be the same. Instead of buying the über expensive grungy, rebellious Saint Laurent Paris pieces, choose Claire Barrow who tries to propose something different in a domain where we are under the impression that everything has already been done instead of Slimane who is always re-working the same codes giving us a serious taste of déjà-vu.

All these pictures come from Claire Barrow's website

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