La Cité de la Mode et du Design features these days an exhibition called Mannequin: Le Corps de la Mode telling the history of the Model figure from the beginning of the 20th century. This exhibition aims at summing up the evolution of the model status from anonymity to Super Glory. So before visiting it at the end of the week, it has seemed obvious to us to write a little something about our favourite model of the moment (and maybe more), CARA.

Ok, you may have an impression of déjà vu when reading that Cara Delevingne is our Hero of the Week and you may wonder why?. She is not actually a supermodel in the 90s way and she is not the modern version of Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer. She is not 6 feet tall, she doesn't have big boobs but she is something more. So much more, and we are sure that in 10 years, she will still be there like a new Kate Moss ( do you want to bet?). In the last issue of LOVE MAGAZINE, Katie Grand, the editor in chief, defined Britishness by giving Cara or Edie Campbell as examples. Ok, she is the epitomy of Britishness but she is something beyond this mere label. She is just the symbol of Today's Girl. Both a supermodel and the girl next door. Someone who surely won't take for granted the sentence "Sit There and Stay Pretty".

So, Cara Delevingne is our Hero of the Week because once again, she is at  the core of the Fashion sphere with these two new videos. One called Cara Uncut and made by Tyrone Lebon for I-D Magazine and the other one, the ad campaign for the new YSL mascara Baby Doll.

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