After long, productive and glorious years at the head of Vogue Paris (those were the Golden Years for us), Carine Roitfeld decided to create her own magazine (among other activities since she is also global fashion editor for all the editions of Harper's Bazaar). She is such a name in Fashion! In September 2012, CR Fashion Book was born and the least we can say is that the whole world of fashion is meeting! All the ad campaigns are here, all the models of the moment are here, all the most talented photographers are here (this time the photoshoots are among others Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Baptiste Mondino or even, Gus Van Sant!) and all the key pieces of the season are here too. Everyone in this fashion world is gathering and saying YES to Carine Roitfeld! Who can say NO to her? 

When we received the first issue of CR FASHION BOOK in September 2012, we were kind of moved. Don't judge us! This magazine (but is it really a magazine?) was such a treasure! We were literally bedazzled!  [the link to our post about this 1st issue is here => CR Fashion Book: The New Bible ] There was everything we love, everything we are craving for. fashion but with a very free tone. With this magazine, Carine Roitfeld has the right to say and show what she wants to without any pressure! And it is so obvious with this second issue whose main theme is DANCE and especially BALLET. Why Dance? Just because Carine Roitfeld is obsessed with it! So simple this way! Everything should be that simple! (remember the first issue was about birth, rebirth and being a mother/grandmother because her daughter Julia, just had a baby) In her editorial she writes " The themes in CR are always very close to my heart. [...]Having taking up ballet in the last two years, I've experienced firsthand the pain and pleasure [...] There is a fragility that I find inspiring [...] Ballet developed largely in France, so in a way this issue is also a subtle tribute to my home country[...]".

We have never been interested in ballet, we don't hate it, we just don't care so when we learnt the theme of this issue, we were like "wait! after this exceptional and wonderful first issue, is the second going to be disappointed?". We ordered it because we are just like Saint Thomas, we don't take things for granted. Let's read it and after we'll judge! 
So what is the judgement? Let's say it straight this second issue is as exceptional and fascinating as the first one! And we had a revelation, ballet is not boring at all!
But more precisely, what is to be found in this issue? 
Once again, all the most important models of these days are gathered to express, translate the numerous crazy ideas/dreams/desires of Carine Roitfeld. Magda Laguinge, Daria Strokous, Kati Nescher, Ashleigh Good, Wang Xiao Ju, Sam Rollinson or Soo Joo Park! When you think about it two minutes, you realize that all these models were cast for this issue way before the last Fashion Week, way before most of them began to be really famous, then you realize Carine Roitfeld's incredible vision and power! We particularly like the photoshoots with Magda Laguinge as Nadia Comaneci (the famous Olympic champion) or Daria Strokous as an old and crabby ballet teacher.

Photo by Sebastian Faena
Photo by Kacper Kasprzyk

What we adore with this "magazine" is that we really have the impression that models become actresses, go beyond their being to express more, so much more. Clothes are always transcended and at that moment, you realize that what you are holding in your hands is gold. Actually, CR Fashion Book is about realizing how much you can do and express with Fashion even if we don't have to be convinced that fashion is more than just clothes. 

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld
Photo by Maurizio Bavutti
Photo by Paul Maffi
Photo by Luca Guadagnino
Photo by Jean Baptiste Mondino
Photo by Anthony Maule
Photo by Bruce Weber

And of course, there are the texts, the substance of CR. Here, they are all dedicated to Dance, Ballet or persons using their bodies to express an Art. And one more time, they are all so interesting. Only a fashion "magazine"like this one could have made us read articles about ballet dancers and find this amazing! If you want to learn about the young and incredibly prodigies like the violonist Charlie Siem or the ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, if you want to read a dialogue between the danseuse étoile Marie Agnès Gillot and the dead legendary Nijinsky or learn about the tough life of Comaneci, it's here and nowhere else. And trust us, it is written with such talent that it is never boring or elitist!

Photo by Gus Van Sant
To sum it up and as you can see it, CR Fashion Book is a major publication of our times because it dares and tells/shows things that are not used to be told/shown. This audacity is what makes it stand out the usual fashion clichés and it is probably the most interesting "magazine" (we cannot write magazine without quotation marks because it is so much more than this!). Carine Roitfeld with her Fashion Books cries out loudly that she can do what she wants, talk about what she loves, people will read it because it is made with passion and an incredible urge for what is beautiful and fashion forward. Maybe it looks like a kind of cult, The Followers of Carine, to some of you but if it is a cult, we really want to join it and for her next issue, she can choose nuclear physics, curling or the rainbow trouts of Scotland, we will buy it, read it and love it for sure!

We wanted to tell you that CR Fashion Book could be found on the website of Colette but unfortunately it is sold out so next time, in September, do not hesitate to buy/order it if you have a chance to! 

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