Among all the paradoxes characterizing France and French people, there is one we find pretty misleading, here in this beautiful country, Royaume de la Mode, where are the TV shows dedicated to Fashion? Where are the Project Runway? Where are the The Face? In the French TV landscape, fashion is not given the place it deserves! Fortunately, there is one show saving the honour, one TV show we wouldn't miss for all the gold in the world (you all know our tendency for exaggeration) it is called A la Vie, A la Mode and it is über fresh, maxi fun and talks about fashion and trends with a unique and offbeat voice. Everything is perfect in this program, the TV host Elisabeth Bost is delightfully crazy, the reviews are all interesting and funny (we laugh a lot but we learn a lot too!) from Hugo Lopez 's History of a cult object to Fiona Schmidt 's trends we should keep or give up! To sum it up, and just like Brad Pitt says, it is INEVITABLE!

Here are the last two issues, take a look you won't regret it!

A la Vie, A la Mode - Emission 8 -

A la Vie, A la Mode - Emission 7 -

Ok, we know this is French TV and you Fellow Readers from all over the world (and beyond!), if you can't speak French you will say that there is no use in watching this show but after all, Fashion is a universal language isn't it?

A la Vie, A la Mode is broadcast on Stylia every Sunday

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