Our weekly Wants is always an utilitarian choice, something by defintion that is for the greater good! We always try to choose good and well for you guys! It 's not a random choice but it is something that obsessed us. The overcoat is definitely an utilitarian piece that one must own! We selected the "MA M14 Coat" designed by Matthew Ames's collection for Weekday called Prairie. The collection is based on denim fabric which is updated in colours (black, dark blue, blue and kaki green) and transformed into essential loose pieces:  shirt, trousers, shorts, jumpsuit, vest and of course the overcoat. We love its round dropped shoulder and its oversized shape. Prairie is a unisex collection, obviously an utilitarian purchase.




In these pictures, Asmae is wearing:

ASOS Tee-Shirt
NEW LOOK Dot Skirt
NEW LOOK Necklace

What is your definition of Fashion ?

According to me, fashion is a temporary phenomenom going on and on, an instant picture of our society.

Selon moi, la mode est un phénomène passager qui se reproduit, une photo instantanée de notre société.

What is your definition of Style? 
I will simply use Coco Chanel's words: "fashion becomes out of date, style never."

Je reprendrai simplement les termes de Coco Chanel : « La mode se démode, le style jamais ».

What inspires you?
Everything can be inspiring to me: a movie, a song, a book, a person...

Tout peut m'inspirer: un film, une chanson, un livre, une personne...

Who are your favourite designers/brands? Why?
I like many designers. Among others, the minimalist style of Stella McCartney or the Marc Jacobs's funk touch...
New Look and H&M with a good value for money!

Il y en a plusieurs. J'aime notamment le style minimaliste de Stella McCartney, la touche funky de Marc Jacobs...
New look et H&M, fringues pas chers et plutôt de bonne qualité!

Which piece of clothes would you not lend to anybody even to your best friend?
None, clothes are made to be worn!

Aucun, les vêtements sont faits pour être portés !



Glass Candy was the sound behind Balenciaga FW2012 , carrying us to the futuristic vision of Nicolas Ghesquiere. That's how we felt in love with Glass Candy. Beautiful Object was filmed by Martin D'argensio and shot on their own studio. You certainly feel warm in the winter/spring to come and summer inside when listening to it! Don't forget to get the new After dark 2 compilation from their magic Italian Do It Better label!




In these pictures Audrey is wearing:

ASOS Blazer
SANDRO (men's collction) Shirt
H&M Shorts
FOREVER 21 Necklace
H&M Hat
FOREVER 21 Socks
ASOS Creepers

What is your definition of Fashion?

Fashion is something so wide that I don't know if it could be precisely defined.
As far as I'm concerned, it would be a way of expressing yourself. Something invariable but in constant change at the same time. And always timeless.

La mode représente quelque chose de si vaste que je ne sais pas si elle pourrait être définie dans son exactitude.
Ça serait pour moi une manière de s'exprimer, quelque chose de fixe et variable à la fois mais surtout d'intemporelle.

What is your definition of Style?

For me, style is the reflection of your character, your desires. The realization of your dreams and sensations.
It's a thing that has to be personal.
A genuine style cannot be copied, it would lose its intensity and its power: you can find inspiration in a certain style (from a designer, a fashion magazine, a blog) but you have to add your own touch, to transform it, to make it evolve. It's the most important thing for me.

Le style est pour moi le reflet de notre caractère, nos envies. La matérialisation de nos rêves, nos sensations.
C'est une chose qui doit être personnelle. 
Je considère qu'un style ne peut être copié, il perdrait en intensité et en puissance: on peut "s'inspirer" d'un style (créateur, journal de mode, blog) mais y rajouter une touche personnelle, le transformer ou le faire évoluer est la chose la plus importante. 

What inspires you?

Myself :p
More seriously, as I have already said, you have to express yourself: nobody but me can know what I feel at a particular moment and the way I want to express this feeling through clothes.
My mother has this ability to mix and adapt colors without any false note. Her advice are really precious to me but I am far from succeeding as well as her.
Life and people can also be inspiring: sometimes, some people know better how to express what I am feeling, it's weird.
And also flowers: the one and only (if you except my mother) that can mix colours that usually don't match and that remain gruesomely beautiful. And a flower can do some good!

Moi :p
Plus sérieusement, comme je l'ai dit, c'est notre être qu'il faut exprimer: il n'y a personne d'autre que moi-même pour savoir ce que je ressens et la façon dont j'ai envie de paraître à un moment x.
Ma mère qui a cette facilité à mélanger, trancher et à adapter les couleurs sans fausse note. Ses conseils sont précieux, je suis loin d'y arriver aussi bien qu'elle.
La vie, les gens: certaines personnes savent parfois mieux montrer ce dont j'ai envie, c'est étrange.
Les fleurs: les seules (en plus de ma mère)à mélanger des couleurs improbables et à rester monstrueusement belles. Et puis ça fait du bien, une fleur!

Who are your favourite designers/brands? Why?

I love Vivienne WESTWOOD for her madness, her collections and her drop dead orange hair. She has this rock n' roll touch I love (unlikely to "Zadig & Voltaire" you must really avoid... An uninspired brand, far too expensive and that is a pale copy, for some things, of Westwood). I find Westwood's jewellery fantastic (my boyfriend offers me one of her necklaces, a necklace I wouldn't give away for anything in the world) and her collaboration with Melissa shoes is just gorgeous.
I also adore Alexander McQUEEN who died way too soon. He had the delicacy and the genius of the biggest names in fashion. His collections were each time just otherwordly, no false note ( I must admit that even if I love Vivienne Westwood, sometimes, her clothes are too crazy for me), pure perfection.
Armani for Men because his clothes are so manly.
Kenzo who knows how to mix sensitivity and power. And I love the Kenzo x Vans collections that I discovered thanks to W.A.R.M.
Sandro but for the Men's Collection that I find cool and that looks rather unisex for some pieces.
H&M for their clothes being cheap and quality at the same time.
Uniqlo, simple, good and effective.
Kitsuné Maison because of their beautiful collections and of their major independent label (Two Door Cinema Club among many others...) and because their are not famous enough in France (despite their collabs with Aigle or Petit Bateau)!

Vivienne WESTWOOD pour sa folie, ses collections et ses cheveux oranges à tomber. Elle a cette touche rock que j'adore (pas comme "Zadig et Voltaire" que je vous propose de fuir... Marque banale pour moi, trop chère pour ce qu'elle propose et qui ressemble à une pale copie, pour certaines choses, de WESTWOOD). Ses bijoux sont fantastiques (je chérie comme la prunelles de mes yeux un collier de sa marque que mon homme m'a offert) et la collection Vivienne WESTWOOD x Melissa est juste tip top.
Alexander McQUEEN, mort trop tôt pour moi, qui avait la finesse et le génie des plus grands noms de la mode. Ses collections étaient juste féériques à chaque fois; aucune fausse note (bien que j'aime beaucoup Vivienne WESTWOOD, je dois avouer que parfois certains vêtements sont un peu trop cinglés pour moi), la perfection même.
Armani Homme pour ses vêtements qui sentent bon le mâle
Kenzo qui sait allier sensibilité et force à la fois.Et j'adore la collection Vans x Kenzo découverte par ici d'ailleurs!
Sandro mais la collection Homme que je trouve sympa tout plein et qui au final, pour certains vêtement, fait assez unisexe.
H&M pour leurs vêtements de qualité et à prix très raisonnable.
Uniqlo, simple, bon, efficace.
Kistuné Maison parce qu'en plus d'offrir de belles collections est un label de musique indépendant énorme (producteur entre autre de Two Doors Cinema Club) et parce qu'on ne parle pas assez d'eux en France (malgré leur collection Kitsuné x Petit bateau et Kitsuné x Aigle)! 

Which piece of clothes would you not lend to anybody even to your best friend?

I am often borrowing clothes (from my boyfriend or my little sister), it can be complicated for me to say no in return.
The only condition would be that I must have worn the piece at least once before lending it.

Sachant qu'il m'arrive d'emprunter souvent (beaucoup à mon homme, souvent à ma petite soeur), ça va être compliqué de dire non à mon tour.
Ma seule condition est qu'il faut que j'ai porté mon vêtement au moins une fois avant de le passer.


W.A.R.M. TOP 10

Time for a new section on We Are Ready Made. Every week, every Saturday, we will propose our Top 10, a kind of visual, audio and sentimental diary featuring all the things that have made us vibrate during the week.











1/  A Live: James Blake at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC
2/  A Book: Raf Simons at Taschen out in June
3/  A StreetLook: Xena in Stella Mc Cartney by Stockholm Street Style
4/  A MustHave: Nike x Liberty available this Summer
5/  A Sound: Kendrick Lamar feat Mary J Blige - Now or Never
6/  A Art Pic: Samuel Bradley
7/  A Collection: Givenchy Pre-Spring 2014
8/  A Movie: Only God Forgives by Nicolas Winding Refn
9/  A Collab: Raf Simons x Mr Porter
10/ A Blog: Holographic Serpent



This week, JUVENILES, a French band we really like and have the chance to see live, are our Heroes of the Week with their video for Fantasy. Their first album, we are eagerly expecting, will be out on June 10th.


USA doesn't have a long history and yet, American culture is at the core of the Fashion trends these last seasons The American model is almost a universal one, celebrated all over the world through its codes and customs. This last season, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy designed a collection around the Star-Spangled Banner, an ode to American sportswear. This inspiration can also be found in this capsule collection by CHEAP MONDAY. The stars and stripes of the American flag are unstructured, re-worked and updated separately. The red is absent here but there is a focus on denim blue and silver. What we like most are these silver pieces (metallic is one of the trends of SS13) and the fact that we can mix all the prints together to get a unique and perfectly cool look for Summer! This collection is already available in the Cheap Monday stores and we hope it will also be on ASOS, WEEKDAY or URBAN OUTFITTERS very soon.

Check this whole collection on Cheap Monday website




In this picture, Mélanie is wearing:

Vintage Leather Jacket
H&M Dress
H&M Bracelet
NEW LOOK Earrings
NEW LOOK Creepers

What is your definition of Fashion?

It's like a survival guide. Weapons of choice when you know how to use them.

Un guide de survie, nos meilleures armes quand on sait les manier.

What is your definition of Style?

For me, it's the result of your interpretation of fashion.

Je pense que c'est le résultat de ton interprétation de la mode.

What inspires you?

Images and people. And cats.

Les images et les personnes. Les chats.

Who are your favourite designers/brands? Why?

I am a really emotive person and YSL is the designer I prefer. In a few years, I really want to be the Yves Saint Laurent woman but for the moment I am more a baby doll.

Je suis une grande émotive, YSL est l'homme que je préfère. Plus tard, j'aimerais être la femme Yves Saint Laurent, en ce moment, je me la joue Baby Doll ! 

Which piece of clothes would you not lend to anybody even to your best friend?

I am always borrowing my friends' clothes... So it's hard for me to refuse to lend them my things! Not even my Venerated Aslan sweatshirt from Aloha From Deer...

J'emprunte sans cesse les vêtements de mes amies... Je ne peux donc rien leur refuser! Pas même mon vénéré sweatshirt Aslan de Aloha From Deer...



Is this the end? The end of Summer? Or without being so demanding, is this the end of Springtime days? Calm and mild with just a little breeze. What is happening? All these questions are for real, they are not just rhetorical. We really need answers! Looking at the sky every morning when we wake up is becoming a kind of torture and inevitably, the result is the same: sad, dull, grey, wet, cold. To sum it up: BORING! Of course, we are talking about our own experience as French guys, we hope that wherever you are all around the world you are living under more genial skies. What a mess! No ways of wearing shorts, sandals, our new cool tee-shirts (without a jacket at least!) or experiencing life through different shades thanks to our crazy collection of sunglasses. The only accessory we can afford is umbrellas. So much fun... Even in the South of France where usually the sun is always shining (and the birds are singing, all people are laughing.... ok ok...), the weather is awful. In Cannes, stilettos have turned into rubber boots! But we are not here to speak about weather or temperatures, even if the acronym of We Are Ready Made is W.A.R.M. We are here (not godsent but almost) to speak about Fashion and the only positive thing about this dreadful climatic (and far too long) episode is that the prophecy, made by some designers during the SS13 collections, is becoming true! Indeed, they have seen this disorders, they have predicted showers (not fashion showers just showers) and cold and what seemed at that time curious/weird proposals makes complete sense now! Fashion designers are the new prophets, no need for further proofs.

Take the example of CARVEN, for his Summer collection, Guillaume Henry, the charming designer imagines the wardrobe of a girl who is lost in India or in some kind of safari, wardrobe including cute dresses, skirts, jackets and coats. And  the materials used here are tweed, wool and viscose. Not really the materials you expect to find in a Spring Summer collection. This effect of warm in Summer is reinforced by the styling. Models are all buttonned up and protected by large belts and except for the lovely cutouts details on some dresses and coats (after all, you need to breathe and feel some air on your body), skin is hidden. Henry's vision is clearly a new vision of what Fashion should be now. His aim is to show that girls/women need to have a complete wardrobe with timeless (and weatherless) pieces where  coats have a prominent place. 

This idea of coats is also predominant in Miuccia Prada's collection for MIU MIU. We know that she is fond of coats and she'd rather make a beautiful coat than a beautiful dress (we love Miuccia's statements so much). In this collection, there are almost as many coats as silhouettes. It always has this oversized and round shape with three-quarter-length sleeves and hidden buttons. It all starts with a coat worn by Raquel Zimmermann and ends with Karen Elson wearing one too. The silhouettes are similar but come in different colours and materials. This idea of repetition reminds us of Monet's different versions of the Rouen Cathedral. Always the same but not quite the same. Here and contrary to Carven, the Miu Miu lady (we just see her as a lady and not a girl, she is so stylish!) is wearing lighter and more spring materials such as denim (transcended to be more than a mere and plain fabric), satin and silk. 

There is no compromise in Miuccia Prada's work and this idea is reinforced by the use of another fabric quite unusual for the Spring Summer season: Fur! For the Winter collections, there was no fur in her different works but with Spring coming, it seems to be her Number 1 obsession! First, in her PRADA Resort 2013 collection where she proposes some furry silhouettes quite far from the spirit of such a presentation, traditionally used to show the perfect outfits for a cruise or faraway holidays in some warm countries. She even pushes the envelope further by making tank tops (the perfect Summer outfit) in fur. The looks are sporty, very WesAndersonian but with a wealthier and smarter touch.

Then, with the Prada SS13 where fur comes in different colours and forms (coats, tops or boleros), Miuccia seems to play with us and tells us that she doesn't care by styling the models with fur coats and almost nothing but underwears. It conveys this idea of hyper-femininity (after all, this collection is inspired by Geishas who are luxury prostitutes) and not a classical (and boring) conception of beauty. 

To loop the loop, Miuccia has also designed fur printed coats and tops for her Miu Miu lady reinforcing this concept of power and timeless class even if this collection is clearly inspired by the 40s.

And she has created the must have accessory of the season and the weirdest for a Spring Summer season the furry stole! Perfect if there are some drafts in your warm holiday resort. Once again, Miuccia styles it with a luxury bra/vest and says that whatever the season, fashion is a game so let's play with it!

The concept of wearing coats or warmer fabrics (fur, wool, tweed or viscose) during Summer is a brand new conception of fashion. By making such a statement, designers are telling us that Fashion should not be taken seriously even if you have to take into account what your customers may think. They transcend this idea of a wardrobe for each season because it is no longer how people want to reflect. Just like there are no particular colours for each season or gender, there are no longer particular materials or clothes for a particular moment of the year. We really have to look further and beyond these mere clichés and prejudices. The world is changing, is evolving so why not changing and evolving with it?

These pictures can be found on Style.com