Michael Jordan was the great superheroes in the  90's for kids all around the world . He was like Superman wearing his magic Air Jordan Pump. Not big fan of Sports in general, we were kids in the 90's,  obsessed by these shoes that had the power to make you look like a Superhero, a Superstar (everybody wants to be star, don't you?). Modern superheroes/superstars are people like Phoebe Philo, Raf Simons, Riccardo Tisci, Pierre Hardy (we won't make a list, but these are the names that come through our mind), people that make you crazy, people that make you dream, people who have the power to make you feel beautiful, sexy, cool and unique! 

For instance Phoebe Philo is the perfect illustration of the designer superstar. People want to copy her look from head to toe. Philo was photographed with a pair of vintage Nike sneaker and only this look created a kind of pandemic. Everybody was looking for this pair of dated sneakers. Her oufit was a "New Cool" attitude: a mix of minimalism ( white roll neck sweater with navy blue coat and leather pants) with a streetwear touch (the sneakers).

It's funny how Thatckeray's Vanity Fair is somehow the world we are living in. We are  just like his characters  obsessed with our own image and  measuring our popularity on social networks (we are Human After All). Pumps are the easiest way to reach the stars. One can definitely make it to the streets and have one's own warholian moment. 

The sneakers business is bigger than ever. From couture brands  to fast retailers, from comtemporary collaborations to timeless classics, people have to choose well, choose the one that makes you look like a star. 

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  1. It's been a long time since I wore a pair of sneakers and these are definitely waaaay cooler than those I wore back in high school. I'm considering wearing a pair again :))