After Kenzo and its clouded leopard and Joseph Turvey and his illustration of jungle, Raphael Hauber, a German designer making clothes for both men and women, was inspired by Tropics for his SS13 collection. While wandering on the net and more specifically on Exceptional New Design, we discovered his work and were flabbergasted by his unique way of designing and mixing prints & colours. This SS13 collection is articulated around the bold prints of animals you are expected to find in a faraway and wet destination: mint parrots and blue flamingos printed on tee-shirts that we deeply wanna buy! Hauber's pieces have to be worn together (he also designed printed pants, jackets and shirts) so you can adopt a spectacular and mesmerizing look to become a kind of modern chameleon melting into the urban jungle. Hauber is not looking for a formal uniform but for a modern camo updated by these vivid prints.
We are definitely adding his name to the list of pieces we really want to purchase during our Summer trip to Berlin!

All these pictures come from Raphael Hauber's website.

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