Cats are our totem animals, we love them so much (who doesn't?)! Someday, we will have to introduce you to our cat, our little Prince who goes by the name of Weng Weng, our Mewjesty! Among all the animals printed on sweatshirts or tees, they are our favourites by far. The Givenchy rottweiller can just leave the runway (auf wiedersehen). Ok we have already talked about Shaun Samson's collections  and we are even getting "sentimental" when we write about his work but his fat goth cat printed tee-shirts are something we definitely want to have in our wardrobes. Choose your favourite among all these unconventional pieces. For sure, it's the coolest printed tee-shirt of the season for you guys and you girls! So let's adopt a cat!

These tee shirts are regularly available on Primitive London but hurry up, must haves like these are quickly sold out!

The runway pictures can be found on London Collections

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