On the eve of our departure to London, just like on the eve of every trip we have made, we have great expectations and in our minds is engraved a list of shops we really want to visit. London is not a choice we have made randomly, it is a whole. A mix of styles, atmospheres, feelings that is unique and that we have found nowhere else. As many things are to be done during our stay, we will keep in mind Vivienne Westwood's motto "BUY LESS CHOOSE WELL". This trip is in a way a quest for all the things we have talked & written about during this year in our W.A.R.M. WANTS. Of course, some things won't be available any longer and of course, we could not buy all the things we want (it would be so cool!) but our goal is to purchase must-haves, unique pieces that will make our wardrobe shine and that will make us say "We Are Different, Unconventional, Non-Boring!". The key words in our aesthetics along with Unisex and Androgynous.

During this stay (and during our stay in Berlin) our blog will truly become a diary. A diary of our daily looks (maybe several looks in one day), of all the things that will catch our eyes, that will thrill us, of all the treasures we will find. Thanks to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we will be social-network hyperactive and you could follow our steps through the British capital.

These two trips will also be the occasion to make the list of our favourite shops, of all the stores you have to visit when there (these lists will be posted on the blog later) and we can already tell us about our favourite areas to shop and discover new things: East London (Hackney, Shoreditch, Brick Lane), Soho (Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Covent Garden). But no more details, we are sure you love to be surprised so stay tuned!

For the moment, here are the things we really really want to find!

In AGI & SAM Pop Up Store [99 Morning Lane]

In BEHAVE [14 Hanbury Street] where we always find great SPARKS pieces

In PRIMITIVE LONDON [73-75 Shacklewell Lane]

In CARNABY STREET where you find Cheap Monday, Lazy Oaf, Vans, Doc Martens and so many more...

In Soho, UNDERGROUND SHOES [8 Berwick Street]

And Machine A [13 Brewer Street]

In Covent Garden, OPENING CEREMONY [35 King Street]

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