Miuccia Prada does have the ability of designing beautiful commercial collections, but she has a preference for ugly-kitsch commercial collections. The SS14 collection follows the same pattern when talking about ugly chic, designing a collection with fabrics and patterns that are far from conventional beauty. It's about exploring all the elements of menswear, even the tacky hawaian print
We are still not sure about this print, even if we often go for the "I love ugly" items. Here the hawaian print is nothing more than a silk vintage pattern emulating by Prada. We are not really surprised. It's not the SS12 over-sophisticated collection, when Prada has introduced tropical print into a golf ground. This time we cannot get the vintage-ugly effect out of our mind produced by the predominant pattern, even if it has been covered in some looks by the two buttonned and the double breasted jackets. 
Another striking aspect of the design is the non-flattering loose pants. We get the whole vintage idea of the collection, we are not purposely hypocritical so WTF? If it looks so big on the models! What would it be the result on people in the streets! We are not sure people want to have those stupid pants! (Clément Chabernaud doesn't look cute in those pants, we're sorry!)

It is definitely not an easy collection for Prada, but  we are sure that it will be a commercial success. "Cold Summer or Menacing Paradise" has something very tantalising, wondering about the campaign and the editorials in men's magazines. We have been astonished by the post-war atmosphere of the show, certainly a surprising soundtrack for a collection. There is no doubt about the over-advertising because Prada is often well-covered. We can imagine an editorial with all these printed satin bombers and the silk printed- over-shirts. The Wallpaper short sleeve jumper is also a must-have like all the Gauguin bags. Here, we are far from the litteral tacky hawaian print, it is the ugly chic that we love so much. Sometimes too much design kills the original idea of a collection. Sometimes less is better. 

All these pictures come from Dazed Digital.

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  1. There's such a great visual element to those pieces. I wouldn't wear them all (because I'm not a huge fan of the hawaiian print) but I love the last shirt and the jackets are awesome. I would, definitely, shoot an editorial with this collection, tho.


  2. I love how chic prints look on men!

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