Sofia Coppola really knows how to capture teenage boredom and rebellion. A current obsession she has been exploring since her first film. Coppola's fetish actress Kirsten Dunst played two canonical teenage figures: Lux (Virgin Suicides) and Marie Antoinette, two heroines struggling with the passing of  time and  morals values. Dunst's act of rebellion is more or less radical. Marie Antoinette is going to waste all the money she can and Lux chooses death by suicide. In the Bling-Ring that we warmly recommend, robbery is what makes the characters feel alive, freeing them from their boring lifestyle! 

Boring does not mean anything for Your Mom Lies, a Taiwanese label has got this rebellion and radicality that they use to design their oversized print unisex t-shirts with a lot of humour. The label is a tribute to what they have been experienced during their teenage years. 

"Most of us have got sweet mommies keeping telling us life is wonderful and you are gonna be great! You can be what you wanna be, do what you wanna do. Retrospectively, our mommies are proved the BIGGEST LIAR in the world. They are not to blame, it is just sad to admit that most of us are those mediocre stocks. Not doing bad, but we are simply not doing GREAT. 
The label Your Mom Lies now is to tribute our creations/designs to our sweet bubble-making mommies and those sweet naive dreams we used to have."

These t-shirts are not to be taken seriously, fashion is always a big funny game! Hope you guys have fun with all your clothes and are not afraid to express yourselves. Your Mom Lies t-shirts are available at Dark Matter Taipei.

All the pictures come from Your Mom Lies Facebook  and Dark Matter Taipei  website (we've just posted here three t-shirts, there is more online).

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