Summer is definitely a time for festival. It is a cliché but a very good one! Seeing James Blake last week was like experiencing a big festival in a sense that we had all the emotions you could expect to have. Blake's live was punk, pop, soul, electric and techno, all at once! Everything looked and sounded  perfect on stage. The atmosphere was great, we could feel it in the sweaty and stuffy air but people remained stuck to their chairs (we were very disturbed by the presence of chairs in the room).We felt like people were in a way so ashamed to express their happiness by dancing or jumping around because of those stupid chairs! We missed the let go attitudes that you often find  during Summer festivals.

Christopher Shannon often refers to British culture in his collections and this time it's about glitter head party harder boys that you can easily bump into when you goes to Summer festivals. His SS14 collection is a celebration of the British party culture. It is about  Boys that often wear crazy acid colourful oufits to bright in the darkest night. Shannon's boys have these attitudes we have been missing so much at Blake's. 

When looking at the collection, you can easily guess on what drugs Shannon boys are. Lsd boys for the bold zebra prints that explores a psychedelic trip, illustrated by the graphic black and white print that is supposed to move under a lsd trip. Bold colours for the acid boys in beautiful orange, lemon and pink that Shannon mixes with unconventional fabrics like pvc, vinyl and rubber echoing the 70's. Pierre Cardin has already used these fabrics for designing avant-garde jeweleries. Perhaps Shannon would not see that his collection's got Cardin 's touch but we do. It is not a revolution to use these fabrics in 2013 but it is actually one for men to wear vinyl, pvc or rubber! It is highly fashion forward because vinyl and pvc are more used for a fetish wardrobe. Shannon gives another meaning when he challenges these unconventional fabrics with such ease. These sleeveless overalls and shorts are very wearable and totally desirable!

Shannon goes back to the past again, back to the 60's with the iconic liberty print. A well-known print which is pure Britishness. Shannon who often takes his inspiration on his own culture, cannot ignore it. What comes on the runways are not dated hippy or weed smokers stereotypes boys, always looking for a pastoral version of Woodstock or Glastonbury when going on festival. It is a high-end sportwear, the Shannon's signature. We can't take of eyes off these shorty loose shorts and the tailored zip jackets and the loose shirts! There is no cliché here, it is all about going to a party in daring and modern clothes.

If you are looking for an oufit  for a Summer festival, Christopher Shannon's SS14 collection is the best inspiration. So what  kind of attitudes are you gonna adopt? 

All these pictures come from Dazed Digital.

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