"A pair of shoes that everybody should own" sounds like a fashion diktat, but it is not. It is a pure sense of self, choosing a pair of shoes that allows you to show your own personality. "Buy less and choose well...", it is not very easy. If we have to look for a pair of shoes that has all these qualities, we will deliberately go for a pair of Miista, obviously jumping on the iridescents.

Miista is an avant-garde footwear label, based in Hackney in London created by Laura Villasenin. The Label is about mixing styles that actually are opposites, always looking for beauty in perhaps unconventional materials, but at the end the shoes are stunning. Miista offers a whole range of unique pair of shoes that will come out the streets, putting forward your style and personality. Laura Villasenin describes her label as being independent, irreverent and curious, in a sense that it is about uniqueness and a kind of peaceful revolution in footwear. 
The Miistas is for the clients all over the world. It is actually a community of girls, but also boys, who are not afraid to stand out. So are you going to join the Miistas? 

All the editorial pictures come from Miista "Midnight Waters" AW13 Lookbook and the iridescent shoes are available on the online shop and their stockists, but don't wait too long because they are always low in stock!

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  1. I am in love with the debora navy shoes... may go look at their site!