We love Scandinavian Fashion Weeks so much! Here, you can feel and find the future of Ready to Wear because they always feature avant-garde but cool and simple (in a positive way) collections. The high-street brand we love the most is Cheap Monday (that's why we are always wearing something from them!) because, they are offering affordable clothes but, and that's the main difference from all other high street brands, at the same time, these clothes stand out and have a genuine point of view. About this new Spring Summer collection, they said that " [they] play with the idea of hubris [i.e] inflatable egos visible through an exaggerated silhouette and narcissistic graphics" and divided it according to three major themes "Buffalo Riot" "Me Myself and I" and "Revival of the 90s".
How did we feel 90s through this collection? First, the graphic sweater (mix of letters & symbols)! At that moment, the whole theme appeared to us in the clearest way remembering TLC and their Crazy Sexy Cool album, dancing on Creep, watching their looks consisting of baggy pants and oversized tees. Crazy, Sexy, Cool that's what this collection is all about and in a way, these are the three words that can, according to us, define the 90s and perhaps our teenage years!

Crazy is how Cheap Monday set its show! Winter is coming in the middle of Summer seems to say the Swedish brand. Snow is falling on the models wandering to the sound of a grand guignol opera in a kind of pinball garden. Isn't it crazy? Then this crazyness is on the garments, especially on the prints. There is these violent large stripes in black and white, printed on the denim pieces like shirts, skirts and pants. It is a showstopper that will definitely make it to the streets by showing you have a strong personality. There is also the graphic prints on the tee-shirts in large bold letters, obviously taking inspiration on DIY graffiti punk tee-shirts, that the Cheap design team updated  and made their own, expressing the collection ego statement. The Cheap team love to play with oppositons when you look at the "buffalo" patches, randomly displayed on the jackets and the jeans, contrasting with the black and white aesthetics suggested by the refined stripes. Always this idea of bringing together kitsch and sophistication.

Sophistication implies also a work on the cuts, the choice of fabrics, the proportions, making the whole collection very sexy. Like the play on aesthetics between kitsch and refined, there is a play on the proportions. Obsessed with the loose denim jacket and the skinny dark grey patch jeans, the bra and the long skirt, the loose MA bomber and the skinny jeans, and even the shiny golden trench coat, not very obvious, but behind all these looks you could read the word "sexy" and "cool".

Cool is for wearing long earrings just on one ear. Cool is for the haircut, giving this "jump out of the bed" effortless hair cut. It is for the "no gender", not presenting a cliché of beauty, especially on the styling and choice of models such as Erik Andersson who is, according to us the very definition of an androgynous beauty. Actually, the cool is the whole 90s spirit of the collection with the work on denim (dungarees, baggy pants, skinny patch pants, pinafore dresses), on the styling (the sunglasses, the accessories and the footwear) and the whole attitude (so youthful).

These pictures come from the Cheap Monday website.

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