This week, we really need cool, DIY music because our ears are really broken (almost bleeding) by the Applause of a certain Lady Gaga who is everywhere and it is way TOO MUCH! So we choose NO AGE as our Heroes of the Week with their brand new video for An Impression, a song that we really love and that we already featured in our latest TOP 10 but now, there is an official video and we feel it is our duty to make you forget about these noisy, too big, too bombastic pop songs with rawer, more genuine compositions. We have been following No Age for a long time and discovered them thanks to Pitchfork years ago, and they have always satisfied our expectations. Moreover, their videos have always something, this little extra touch of soul, this je ne sais quoi that pleases us every time.
Their new album called An Object will be out tomorrow under the cult label Sub Pop Records.

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