It is usually said that Fashion should not be taken too seriously, after all, it's nothing but clothes! But sometimes, we are under the impression that the world of Fashion has got all big-headed and the playful side at that moment seems far far away. That's why we particularly love when we discover fun clothes diverting iconic brands or prints to turn them into something way cooler without becoming a kind of pure parody or something too cheap to be cool!
And that's why we want these tees from WRKDEPT that look like tee-shirts from very famous Fashion institutions such as Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, Saint Laurent Paris or Versace but without the price that can seem, at times, completely excessive or even prohibitive! 
So even if these pieces are not exactly the same as the ones from the previously mentioned brands, our little fashionisto hearts can't help needing them and it's still the perfect season to wear tees so why dithering away! We don't know about you but we are particularly in love with the Givenchy-like Beyoncy Tee (also know as Beydonna tee) that costs only 40$! 
Of course, if one of our generous readers/followers want to offer us the genuine version, we are totally OK too...

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