There are times when life is really generous. As we were looking for some new cool videos to feature on W.A.R.M. as our Hero of the Week, two of our most beloved bands delivered their brand new songs! What a gift! Even if, Summer is far from being over, we have this little (and nice) impression that September is not too far and thus, we do not have to wait too long for the releases of the brand new albums of Au Revoir Simone and MGMT! Are you as excited as we are?

The New York trio Au Revoir Simone is coming back after a 5-year pause but they haven't lost their dreamy mood with this single called Somebody Who (premiered on Konbini, a website we can only but recommend!). Their new album called Move In Spectrums [Moshi Moshi Records] will be out on September 23rd and we simply can't wait! Their voices and keyboards are such a nice addiction!

Video directed by HARRYS

MGMT is back too and it is really a good news! We have such great memories with their first two albums [Oracular Spectacular in 2007 & Congratulations in 2010]. Just like Au Revoir Simone, their world is often about dream but it is a weirder dream. And this video for Your Life Is A Lie doesn't bend rules. It is made in any old way, it's odd but that's what we like and that's how we love them! Their new eponymous album will be out on September 16th [Columbia Records] and they have already announced some tour dates all around the world!

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