Triple sole glitter creepers in gold, in black-pink-gold and in shiny metallic, does it sound good taste to you? These mega pumps are made for dancing, are they the right dancing shoes? Moonspoon Saloon is not looking for people's approval, always designing outside of the box pieces, expressing "creativity, bravery, personality and with styles of original descent". There is no tyrany of good taste in their collection, embodying in their creations a philosophy they are sharing with Rei Kawakubo that "there's value in bad taste too".
Bad taste does not mean bad design, the pumps are definitely musthaves and very daring shoes, even if the collection is around the Disco-Oriental theme, we do think of a Glam rock inspiration. The pumps got the Bowie touch from Ziggy Stardust kitsch aesthetics and the clothes, especially the glitter striped black and pink jumpsuit is obviously an outfit that can be part of the the star tour wardrobe. We have in mind the striped jumpsuit with the vinyl red platform shoes Bowie wore at Hammersmith in 1972. It is like the vinyl look black and gold long jacket that makes us think of Bowie wearing another vinyl jumpsuit designed by Kansai Yamamoto. Bowie is a timeless inspiration, a fashion hero and always so fashion forward, which the L.A/ Copenhagen label has explored in the sportswear pieces.
The Frankenstein look sweater made of striped red vinyl and woven cotton that they mixed with a graphic black and white mini lurex skirt. The black shiny sporty suit, composed of a zipped top and its matching trousers, a high end idea of sportwear, adding the glitter metallic triple sole creepers to finish the controversy look that obsesses us so much.

Controversy is always the effect produced speaking of avant-garde, and that is Anne Sofie Madsen's aesthetics, taking sportswear to another level of sophistication which is highly couture. The oversized leather cage jackets, inspired by American football player shoulder protections, are they really good taste?  In the same way the body-conscious leather/ bondage pinafore dress is it the commonly accepted? Actually it is not the point here. It is like questioning the seize of the sweater, or the black and white look and the omnipresence of leather in the collection, is it too much? Strangely enough the whole collection is very acceptable, relaxed and very wearable for us. The more oversized the pieces look the more emotional we get, the more outrageous and kitsch they are the more excited we are. For instance, the over-oversized neoprene and leather jacket can seem terribly clownish, but the majority is always wrong, right?

All these runway pictures come from Copenhagen Fashion Week Website.

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  1. I am going down to La Glace later this week, to take a look at their collaboration with Moonspoon (At the Copenhagen Fashion Festival). I really like them being daring, and Bowie really is an inspiration :)