Grunge, grunge and grunge for all the clothes that are coming on the big juicy fast fashion retail stores in your city. So you are being confused by all this amount of tartan, ripped jeans and mohair jumpers. In a way, you are confused as we are, wondering if you really like this whole universe and if you are going to jump on it. Remenber that you have to think about what you love, what is your style and your personality and also if you really need these flannel shirts/Saint laurent aesthetics that everybody likes. The fashion diktat saying "you must own it!" because it is the "talk of the town" and you can read between the lines in large letters "Trend! Trend! Trend!". Eventually, you end up saying "Fuck trend!". Obviously, you deserve better than a mere trend. Like us, you don't give a fuck about trends. Always remember "choose well and buy less", but sometimes you just keep the "choose well" and forget about the "buy less".

Moreover, we don't want to look like a teen because grunge is all about a dialogue with youth culture. We just want "no age" like "no gender" clothes, and above all, no stereotypes please! Around the juicy, grungy garments that are available on the fast retailers and mega-lux online shops, we decide to choose Maarten Van Der Horst X Topshop. It is Maarten Van Der Horst's second round collab with Topshop, bringing to high-street ground his "what the fuck aesthetics", that you can easily find in the black and white prints on leather jackets, silk shirt and jeans. It's for girls only but we don't care we want this whole collection!

Another collab we are so excited about is Claire Barrow X Matchesfashion. Like Van Der Horst, Miss Barrow re-edited her signature on leather jackets and accessories, her handmade painted techniques of illustration. These leather collection got the D.I.Y. art graffiti from punks and also a high-end sophistication. We definitely want to be part of Claire Barrow's band!

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