Fashion business is a battlefield where brands are struggling for survival. The streets are obviously the place to win more territory and also the only way to gauge if you "make it to the streets". Like Phil Oh of Street Peeper told to I-D in the Street Issue : "it is fun to see all different fashion tribes...Goth ninjas at Rick Owens, Lynn Yaeger-esque Comme Des Garçons worshippers, the entire staff working the Thom Browne show in shrunken suits, bloggers in Topshop, print-lovers at Marni, All-American preppy looks outside Ralp Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger...."
Expressing yourself and your passion for fashion, it is like being part of a gang, an army or a crew, whatever the name using for describing a bunch of  fashion worshippers. 

This week, we are focusing on Komakino's Teenage Fantasy community. Komakino is the creation of Central Saint Martins graduate Federico Capalbo who named his menswear label after the Joy Division song, hence the post-punk guerilla aesthetics. "Teenage Fantasy" and its graphics (printed on t-shirts and sweaters) are a reference to the 80's record label Broken Flag and its experimental rock music.

The collection got this dark atmosphere, highly inspired by military garments, definitely utilitarian pieces such as the Ma bomber jacket, the hooded coat or the trench coat.  An interesting inspiration that is not only on the outerwear, but that also comes through an unexpected detail: the velcro patches on the sides of shirts, jackets and on oversized tees appearing like a badge. This week, we are obsessed by these velcro patches oversized tees, and we definitely want to be part of this Komakino worshippers gang!

All these pictures come from the Komakino website.

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