It is easy to believe because you are the children of a mega star that you have inherited the talent of your parents. Sometimes it is not the case and sometimes magic operates. Clichés can both be good and bad. Actually, there is no absolute rules. Simone Rocha (the daughter of the well-known designer John Rocha) have so much talent  no matter who her parents are. It is probably not reallly relevant. She is proving it season after season, counting on her hard-work and her determination to stand out. "Respect, understanding and hard-work lead to happiness", these are the values she shares with her beloved father.

Simone Rocha SS14 collection was  her White Drama, a critical runway around restrained and provocation. About the inspiration, Simone Rocha said to Dazeddigital that it came from Nobuyoshi Araki's photographs. There is a balance between soft and hard  (the pale colours of innocence opposed to the cuts and transparency revealing the body). Decorative is the idea of the pearls beaded on the neck, the long socks, the brogues. Literally pearls are set to sophisticate the look, but only on this level of interpretation. Having Rocha's inspiration in mind, one can think of hardware and bondage. It is the same idea when you focus on the three closing looks where the models are covering with nude/pink tulle that fastened  their naked bust. It is highly seductive and provocative in a same way, mixing something pure with something not very appropriate. It is definitely confusing and brilliant to deconstruct the would be idea of what is beauty with elements that seem very low and profane. Rocha is not looking for clean perfection but perhaps something less pure. The collection is full of oppositions in the fabrics ( sheer, lace, pearls vs leather, pvc, vinyl) or in the styling (covered looks vs nudity). Simone Rocha's signature is definitely sweet provocation and we love it  and we hope she will go even futher.

Another Rocha's signature is her unique approach to design for accessories, especially her innovative and inventive pair of Perspex brogues, mixing masculinity with feminity. It is a current obsession since the first time we have spotted these neo brogues on the AW12 runway. It was an unexpected detail that stroke us like Prada neo brogues-creepers and certainly an epiphany. Transparent plexiglass heels is an element that Rocha loves to use. For her AW13 collection, there is a whole range of black, pink and glitter pink shoes that featured these plexiglass heels. Simone Rocha's fantasy shoes are on our radar this week. There is no other way. It must be our W.A.R.M. wants!

Classic 1
Classic 1
Leather Mini Slippers

Heeled Loafers

Midi Slippers

All the backstage pictures come from DazedDigital.

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