Spending 12 not 24 hours with party people at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris and wishing it will last forever. These 12 hours were very precious, having the chance to see a bunch of new talents (Sky Ferreira, Pegase, Empress Of, Baths) and more established bands such as Glass Candy, Hot Chip or Yo la Tengo. It was such a great experience, almost a sleepless night soundtrack full of surprises (good and bad). A perfect soundtrack that drove us to the 70's, 80's and 90's. A kind of perfect compilation of the songs we love to listen to and that made us travelling through the years and countries!

The 80's and 90's were back for good with Sky Ferreira's set, appearing on the stage wearing a black wig reminding us of Uma Turman in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Obviously, it was a kind of fiction starring a young female version of Kurt Cobain. Saying Sky = Kurt is probably too much, but her inspiration comes from there. Actually she has to re-work a bit her dirty cool Pop songs to not give the impression of listening to the album. The inspiration is diverse but it is Pop and her attitude on stage is one of the Pop star rising! Boys, 24Hour, Not The One and Everything Is Embarassing made our hearts beat very fast. Definitely Pop songs that will still haunt us for a long time.

It is midnight and  temperature is rising when we heard Hot Chip's first notes. The atmosphere is highly different and the Pink scene is full of people gathering. We are not anymore at a music festival, but it seems like we are in a club. Now it is time for Hot Chip disco inferno to start. James Murphy got a word to qualify this : Disco Infiltrator. Literally, we cannot stop dancing on the series of hits (One Life Stand, I Feel Better, Motion Sickness, How Do You Do, Night And Day, Don't Deny Your Heart, Flutes, Boy from School, Ready for The Floor, Over and Over...etc). It was the best performance of the night. Hot Chip prepared us for the next live, actually we were ready for a sleepless night.

Then, Glass Candy from Portland dropped their sharp electroclash techno. It is quite funny because the band is the encounter of a crazy Harajuku barbie girl ( Ida No) and a dark guru (Johnny Jewel). Glass Candy was the reason why we came, a band we wanted to see for so long since we discovered them on Balenciaga AW12 soundtrack. Ever since it has been like a obsession. Warm In Winter, Summer inside is like a motto for us. Life is too short to be boring!

So it is always a big gathering for party people, enjoying music, but it was also like a fashion show in a sense that it was the encounter of several tribes. Actually, you could expect music worshipers and different attitudes. It is quite funny because it was actually the opposite. The party people oufit was composed of beanies, parkas, printed sweaters, jeans with the compulsory and inch-perfect hem, backpacks and a pair of sneakers. It was weird because it sounds like a fashion diktat:"you must wear....and above all, don't forget your beard!". Like Nina Garcia said in an episode of Project Runway (yes we have to admit that Project Runway is one of our weaknesses...) B-O-R-I-N-G... BORING! It looks like their outfits were so well thought out. Everything was at its right place. Too perfect, very expected and in a way a bit ridiculous. Fashion should not be taken too seriously. People have to play with its rules and not put up with it.

All these pictures come from W.A.R.M.'s instagram.

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