The lack of money is never an obstacle. Money can buy anything you want, but money cannot buy you a personality, creativity and talent. Tigran Avetisyan does certainly have these qualities. He is newly graduated from Central Saint Martins, probably doesn't have an endless marketing budget, but he knows how to bring the noise with his graduation SS14 collection. His ad campaign is a D.I.Y video, explaining how to spread the news by hacking established brand ads in fashion magazines. This idea is so brilliant!  You can order on his website his free lookbook stickers to support him if you are as in love with him as we are. We really love the spirit of Tigran's brand, so punk! "Safety pins...that was poverty...lack of money...the arse of your pants falls out, you just use safety pins", said Johnny Rotten. As long as you got the guts and enough imagination, you can be free to do everything.

Tigran Avetisyan's graduation collection is highly referring to Punk. This attitude is very alive through this collection. D.I.Y Graffiti and Agitprop are part of the chaos aesthetics and language that Tigran is using.  All the garments feature handmade painting prints  and  chalk stick written messages, obviously statements such as "nothing changes", "no jobs apologies", "too much pressure", "stop dreaming"or "I wish you weren't here". This I don't give a fuck aesthetics and attitude is provocative like the oversized proportions and the not very flattering mud colour. Tigran Avetisyan purposely delivered a shocking collection to create a kind of electrocution, to make people think and to act. Nowadays, youngsters do not choose a life, do not rebel, do not strike (obviously not in the good way). Instead of becoming actors of their own destiny, they prefer to wear all the same outfits, to disappear in the crowd! Wake up guys! Wearing Tigran Avetisyan is not an easy choice to make, but it is probably a first step to protest, to assert your personality to the face of the world. His graduation collection is exclusively sold at Machine - A. So you know what you have to do (choose well, buy less but above all, buy Tigran Avetisyan!)

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