Yesterday, when we heard that Pharrell Williams released a brand new video we were pretty delighted! It turned out that this video made by We Are From L.A was 24 hour long! Ok, we love Pharrell, his music, his attitude, himself. Everything says COOL! But 24 hours is a bit long, even if, let's be honest, it would not have been a torture. He must have heard us because today, here comes a shorter version (from 24 hours to 4.08, we can call this shorter and by the way, congrats to the person in charge of the editing) for HAPPY a song from the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2 (that's why the Minions). It's fresh, it's full of good vibrations, it makes us smile and puts some sunbeams in this chilly November day! What more can we ask? Maybe 24 hours with Pharrell but for real not in a video!

If you want to watch the 24 hour video (maybe you have nothing to do for a day... Lucky you!) you can watch it  HERE

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