"My initial design concept came from a dream that I had one day last year where i was squeezed by a giant King Kong hand. Overall, I thought this would be a lot of fun." Kathleen Kye, a London based Korean born designer, graduated from Central Saint Martins, producing her collection in Korea, establishing the etho of her label (KyeKyeKye) in one word: fun. In other words, her design questions man and woman representation of beauty by exploring new shapes and attitudes, breaking the conventional wardrobe. Finding new ideas to explore masculinity, adding non boring elements, that is what KK has been looking forward since her debut F/W2011 collection, developing menswear only and later, adding womenswear look in her runway. Diversity is at the core of KK's inspiration towards her presentations. Obviously subculture obsesses her, from sportswear to rebel guerilla look, from street graffiti to punk aesthetic, or from hip-hop to tattoos, as well as gold lamé disco colour being a kind of signature. About her F/W2011 collection she said: "I displayed oversized wadded sleeves and hoods, extraordinary shape trousers with zip pocket details and puffed jumper and parka with exaggerated silhouettes of manliness." She always plays with masculinity opposing an eccentric gold lamé sporty outfit to a rebel guerilla silhouette, composed of arabic inspired black and white printed scarf shirt and shorts accessorized with glitter sandals in her S/S2012 runways. This collection presented another pattern she introduced in her F/W2011, displaying surrealist hand-shape pockets on a shirt or for a provoking effect, 3D hands standing on a sleeveless white vest. Uncompromising and unique like her F/W2012 collection mixing plaid long shirt with gold fringe details and bondage laced up large pants, challenging conventional beauty. Daring and sexy may sound awkward to qualify KK's work, but it is, if we consider her S/S13 collection in which she has created trompe l'oeil tattoos tee-shirts and leggings. Her latest S/S14 collection features KK's signatures, updating her guerilla rebel attitude with Hip-Hop street subculture. What you could expect is cap and sweater featuring her eponymous logo, gold lamé sporty outfit, skull and pistols pattern displayed on a shirt and on the back of a sleeveless biker jacket and a new print made of gold sticking plaster on a lamé and metallic vest and its matching large shorts. KK's last collection is like a sequel of her Youth Unemployment F/W 2013, but with a less is more aesthetic, leaving behind the D.I.Y.graffiti and the gold confetti print. Both F/W2013 and S/S14 leave us speechless, and the only word that we can add is: "Kye!Kye!Kye!"







All these pictures come from Kyefashion.com

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