No gender is the future sounds like a fashion blogger dream that will not come true. It is not a blogger fantasy anymore because a few brands (Hood By Air, Complex Geometries, Ava Catherside, J. W. Anderson, Oakny, Rad Hourani...)  begin to think about what can be the perfect wardrobe. Genderless will not only be a commercial argument or an editorial obsession, it can be more than that. We do believe in no gender collections in a way to break boundaries. Some brands like Raf Simons or Céline have embodied in their collection this Boys meet Girls aesthetics, but it is just a idea. They do not purposely design unisex collection, even if Raf Simons only create for men, but women are very fond of it. High street retail stores have to play their diffusion role, taking risks to bring no gender for the greater good.
That is exactly what Weekday is about to launch next year. The MTWTFSS S/HE capsule collection features genderless pieces.The design team re-edited classic pieces from MTWTFSS's archives in a way to be worn both by men and women. They have updated iconical MTWTFSS basics such as the bomber jacket, the trench coat, denim, leather jacket and plaid.
We can't wait for this capsule collection to be launched because genderless is what we stand for. MTWTFSS/HE capsule is the W.A.R.M. wants of this week. This collection is like a small revolution and we can't wait for its start!

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