Keith Haring dedicated his own life to art by saying that art is life and life is art, having the feeling that everything around him was full of art, painting iconical symbols escaped from his childhood such as Disney characters (Mickey Mouse and Cruella de Vil) or other heroes like the Smurfs and even logos like the Coca Cola one. Just like Haring, we have chosen to become We Are Ready Made ( inspired by Ready Made Art, considering that some trivial objects can be turned into a stunning piece of art), a blog where fashion meets art and music but expressed through our own eyes. At our own level, we are standing for life being expressed through our relationship to how putting clothes together. Like Haring we believe that fashion and art can change the world after a long proccess of small revolutions and also that fashion and art can definitely work together.

Tom Hirota created JOYRICH , a L.A based brand under the direction of Taka Okunde and David Melgar, well-known for its Pop Art trademarks identity throught its multi-collaborations collections with Keith Haring, Malcom Stuart, Betty Boop, Disney, Giza, The Simpsons and many others: "drawing on a variety of design sources, Joyrich blends the essence of several styles to create balance pieces that are always fun to wear and suggest an aura of casualness and richness [...] the team's mix influences culminates with a retro-future flair inspired by iconic items of past collections to create the brand's unique and characteristic Joyrich colourful pop textiles."
JOYRICH explores not only the relationships between fashion and art , but also the impact of Pop culture in fashion, from Giza attitude to never wanna grow old spirit of Disney collabs. It is playful, not pretentious and very daring. JOYRICH looks like pieces of art, but it is not art at all. In a way, JOYRICH is the reflection of people's images of their own childhood, obviously speaking to one's Peter Pan inside. Keith Haring said that art is alive because of people's relationship to it. That's probably the case for JOYRICH's fans.

The JOYRICH collection is available here.

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